Easter Travel Advice

AA Advises timely checks

AA Roadwatch estimates that 18 million motorists will take to the roads over the Easter weekend (between Thursday 13 April and Tuesday 18 April) with the mass getaway starting tomorrow lunchtime. The AA is advising motorists to make some timely checks to their cars in preparation for the break.

Extra Patrols

The UK's biggest motoring organisation is expecting to attend close to 80,000 breakdowns over the holiday and will have extra patrols working to cope with the demand.

Nick Evers, AA Patrol of the Year, says: "Before setting off on the first long journey of the year motorists should check that their cooling fans are in good working order, as corrosion from road salt and dirt caused by surface spray over the winter can lead to them failing to cut in and engines overheating.

Nick continues: "Repairing a 'cooked' engine can be expensive. Likewise, damaged hoses that haven't yet failed because the engine hasn't got hot for months could now end up leaking coolant. Corroded or worn seals on the radiator cap can also leak, leading to the engine boiling over."

Windscreen wipers that leave lines and smears on the glass may have been damaged during the winter freeze and motorists should check the rubber before setting off on a journey.

"Paying for a full car wash just once a year after the winter would be well worth the money," says Nick. "This makes sure that the underneath of the car gets a good wash to remove the salt that may have built up during the winter."

Top checks

  1. Check oil and water levels
  2. Check cooling fans are in working order
  3. Check for coolant leaks and damaged hoses
  4. Check battery
  5. Check tyres for wear and tear and correct pressure
  6. Check windscreen wipers and wash

Breakdown advice

More seasonal advice

Traffic information from AA Roadwatch

Routes heading out of major conurbations can be expected to be significantly busier than normal during the day on Maundy Thursday, 13 April, as people travel to their Easter holiday destinations. Maundy Thursday 2005 saw traffic levels up by some 25 per cent and with Easter 2006 falling late in the calendar, a similar, or even more marked increase in road usage can be expected this year.

Traffic volumes for the remainder of the holiday period will be much reduced from normal, especially on Good Friday and Bank Holiday Monday, though locally traffic will be busy at points of interest.

Motorists who are stuck for something to do this Easter can now access AA recommended information from their mobile phone.

As well as offering up to the minute traffic information, the AA Roadwatch traffic service also offers details of AA recommended pubs, bed & breakfasts and places to visit. The service can detect a caller's location and then a description and review of the establishments in that area are read out.

The service is available to mobile users by dialling 401100 from any mobile network or 09003 401100 from UK landlines. Calls cost 60p per minute.

Getaway routes affected will most likely include M25 around London, M1 Northbound, M4 Westbound, M6 through the West Midlands and North of Manchester/Liverpool, M5 Northbound in the Midlands and Southbound around Bristol.

Major Roadworks

Particular delays may be encountered where major roadworks are ongoing, including the M60 in Greater Manchester between Junctions 5 and 8, the M6 in Staffordshire where various works are in place between Junctions 15 and 16, The M1 in Hertfordshire where works are ongoing between Junctions 6A and 10 and the M4 South Gloucestershire, where narrow lanes are in place both ways at Junction 20, the Almondsbury Interchange.

The Bank Holiday weather is currently predicted to be fine for most of the weekend, with the best of the weather on Bank Holiday Monday. Should the weather be good, many coastal towns will see an increase in traffic on roads approaching their areas.


12 April 2006