Drive Smart

How to cut up to £1000 from your family fuel bill

13 January 2011

AA's 'Drive Smart' eco driving project helps motorists reduce fuel consumption by up to a third.

Motorists can cut up to £500 a year from their annual fuel bills by adopting basic 'eco driving' techniques, according to findings from AA Driving School's Drive Smart eco driver training scheme.

As fuel prices rise to all-time highs, boosted by increases in VAT and fuel duty, Drive Smart is helping drivers reduce the impact on stretched personal finances.

AA Driving School launched the Drive Smart course two years ago to help motorists develop safe and fuel-efficient driving habits. For at-risk young drivers, courses are offered free-of-charge through the AA Charitable Trust.

Drive Smart pupils have typically been able to cut 10% from their fuel consumption (equating to savings of £160 a year based on today's petrol price).

Some cut their fuel use by a third (which would add up to over £500 over a year; or a saving of up to £1,000 a year for a two-car family).



AA Driving School's head of driver development, Mark Peacock, says: "Families have been hit hard by record fuel prices and are looking for ways to drive down costs. Eco driving involves simple techniques that anyone can master. If used correctly, they can help you cut hundreds of pounds a year from your fuel bills – reducing the impact of record prices."