European breakdown cover

Brits set to waste over £55 million in car repairs on continent

28 July 2009

In a bid to save money, many holiday makers will be driving rather than flying over to Europe this summer. As around 2.5 million British motorists gear up for driving to the Continent this year, they look set to run up a combined bill of over £55 million in car repairs and recovery costs. The AA predicts that one in every 23 will suffer an accident or breakdown whilst on their European trip.

AA data reveals that the average cost of breakdown repairs on the Continent is more than £550, whilst if your car needs to be recovered from Europe back to the UK the cost can rocket to around £2,000. By taking out AA European Breakdown Cover, motorists who do find themselves stranded on the roadside can avoid blowing the holiday budget on repair costs and make sure they remember their holiday for all the right reasons.

Every year, for around £4.501 per day of a trip, the AA helps thousands of British motorists in Europe. When they call the AA for breakdown assistance in Europe, they are answered by a either a friendly voice from home or a fluent English speaker at the company's call centre in Lyon, France – ensuring that the stressful situation of breaking down on an autoroute or autobahn isn't made even more stressful by a language barrier.

Example costs

But for motorists who risk travelling without European breakdown cover this summer, the AA has created a price comparison to give motorists an idea of what an average breakdown can cost them:

  • Vehicle repatriated from Italy = £1935
  • Vehicle repatriated from Germany = £1500
  • Replacement of a tyre in Italy = £137
  • Replacement of a tyre in France = £137 (In France you have to change the opposite tyre as well as the faulty tyre)
  • Motorway recovery to the nearest garage in Italy = over £95
  • Motorway recovery to the nearest garage in Germany = up to £190
  • Motorway recovery to the nearest garage in France = £125 Monday to Friday and £155 at the weekend
  • Replacing a radiator (for example a Fiat Punto) in Germany = £460

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28 July 2009
1based on a 14 day single trip