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Volume doubles in snow and ice

20 December 2010

some icy roads resemble fairground dodgems as cars collide with each other AA Insurance experienced one of its busiest days on Monday (20 December) as snow and ice lead to a 100% increase in car insurance claims, compared with a normal December Monday.

Claims staff at the AA's Cardiff call centre, which itself is suffering some of the worst snow in the area for many years, have drafted managers in to help handle the work load.

Simon Douglas, director of AA Insurance says: “Call volumes are at unprecedented levels and we are prioritising the most urgent cases."

The morning commute saw many people struggling to work with some icy roads resembling fairground dodgems as cars collide with each other and with kerbs, lamp posts and bollards.

Thankfully, the number of personal injury cases is about 10% lower than on normal December days despite the high volume of claims, thanks to the low speed nature of most accidents.

Over the weekend, which brought Britain almost to a halt, the number of claims overall was up by a more modest 22% compared with the previous weekend but traffic levels were considerably lower than normal because of the weather.

71%* of customers say that snow or ice contributed to their accident.

It's clear that highway authorities are unable to clear all roads and those that have been treated are re-freezing because in many areas the temperature is lower than - 9C, the temperature below which salt becomes ineffective.

If you take your car out on icy roads, you are at significantly greater risk of suffering a collision. Even if you have fitted winter tyres or snow chains, that won't stop someone else from sliding into your car.

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*Over the weekend of 17-18-19 December, AA Insurance received 751 claims of which 540 said that snow or ice contributed to their collision. On Monday 20 December, 650 new claims were expected to have been logged, compared with a usual 314.


23 December 2010