AA salutes its Youngest 'Recruit'

Schoolboy Scott's yellow obsession sparks surprise callout

30 October 2008

Scott Candogan and AA patrol Carl Lass Many school children would shudder at the thought of being handed a uniform to wear just when they're in the middle of their half term holidays.

But for six-year-old Scott Candogan, from Speldhurst near Tunbridge Wells, it was a dream come true as he was given the chance to emulate his 'heroes' at the AA.

Scott has long had a fascination for the breakdown organisation and is so passionate about the big yellow vans that he has written a series of letters to the AA to tell them how great he thinks the company is.

Scott Candogan and AA patrol Carl Lass The AA was so impressed by Scott's enthusiasm that they sent local patrol Carl Lass on a surprise visit to Scott's home to present him with his very own, custom made, AA patrol uniform.

Scott, who wants to be an AA patrol himself when he is older, says he likes the uniform so much he wants to wear it to school.

"I like the AA because they rescue cars and help people. I was really surprised when the AA man came to my house. I like the uniform – I wore it today and when it's 'home clothes' day I'm going to wear it to school."

Scott's mother, Felicity, says: "Scott adores the AA and even has a yellow car in the garden that is his AA van. He was so excited when a real AA van arrived with a real AA man – and then to get his own uniform really made his day."

AA Director of Road Operations, Steve Dewey, says: "We have been so touched by Scott's dedication to the AA and the time he has taken to write to us. We sent Scott a membership card and he was so delighted he wrote another series of letters to thank us. So we decided it was time to kit him out with his own AA uniform, in the hope that one day he may be able to join us as a real-life patrol."

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30 October 2008