2007 in the 'Review' Mirror

The AA takes a cat's eye look back at 2007 on the tarmac

27 December 2007

The last 12 months has been a trying time for British motorists. First came the contaminated fuel scare in February and then the fuel price broke the £1 barrier in November. As 2007 draws to a close the UK's leading breakdown organisation is taking a look back in the rear view mirror at the last 12 months on the nation's bumpy roads.

In 2007, 3.3 million motorists were rescued by the AA – over 10 per cent of British drivers. The year also saw the UK's leading breakdown organisation rescue its 100 millionth member since it started in 1905.

The most common cause for calling out the AA in 2007 was flat tyres with almost 300,000 wheels being changed. While over 190,000 call outs were due to battery problems.

Mechanical failure was not the only reason members called on the AA. Patrols also helped 81,000 members who had locked their keys in the car and rescued over 2,000 children and pets trapped in locked cars.

While out on the road 24/7/365, a handful of AA patrols were literal lifesavers too, including Darren Burness from Birmingham who was called on for more than his mechanical expertise at one breakdown, where he administered the Heimlich manoeurve to a choking passenger!

AA top facts of 2007

  • 100 Millionth breakdown attended on 5th April 2007 at 11:20am
  • AA came top in Which? magazine's independent survey on breakdown service providers
  • Patrol, Mohammad Ilyas attended 3,122 breakdowns single-handedly in one year
  • North West London is UK's breakdown hotspot, with a total of 63,000 call outs
  • The most northerly breakdown point geographically was in Haroldswick, Unst in the Shetlands
  • The AA towed three-quarters of a million vehicles across 12.6 million miles in 2007
  • The longest single recovery was made from Bridgend to Perth (472 miles)
  • 2,000 bulbs and 350 broken windscreen wipers were replaced by the AA last year
  • Mondays are the busiest days for breakdowns
  • AA Patrols have 26,633 years experience between them
  • Plus, 2nd January 2007 saw the most breakdowns in one day (16,138) so watch out this year...

The AA has also invested in keeping motorists off the hard shoulder over the past 12 months, introducing both Fuel Assist, a specialist roadside service that drains, flushes and replenishes misfuelled vehicles on the spot, and the AA podcasts featuring advice from AA patrols on anything from how to change a tyre, to the best way to load and pack your car.