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This is what the AA has been saying in 2011

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AA Public Affairs helps guide and shape motoring policy and campaigns on behalf of members and motorists.

Bank holiday parking signs confusion
Festive cheer will run out from Boxing Day onwards as sales shoppers face bank holiday parking signs confusion.  Getting it wrong could add a penalty of up to £130 to the cost of Christmas, the AA warns.
(26 December 2011)

Drivers say AA yellow is safest car colour
More than a third of AA members believe lighter colour cars are the safest.  Yellow tops the car colour safety poll followed by white and red, an AA/Populus survey reveals.
(22 December 2011)

One in three worried about their heating breaking down this winter

Millions of Britons are going into the winter months living alone and isolated from friends and family, according to new research from the AA’s Home Emergency Response Service.
(19 December 2011)

Designated drivers - Who's Gonna Drive You Home?
Women are five times more likely to drive home after a night out than men as the designated driver, according to the female responses from an AA/Populus poll.
(19 December 2011)

Drivers play the great Christmas petrol price postcode lottery
Average petrol prices have fallen to their lowest for nine months. However, drivers in many parts of the country are paying a Scrooge-like £1 or more extra per tank compared to those in other areas, December’s AA Fuel Price Report reveals.
(16 December 2011)

999 days to go
December 16th marks the point at which holders of LGV driving licences have 999 days to complete their first 35 hours of mandatory Driver Certificate of Professional Competence [Driver CPC] training.
(16 December 2011)

End to red tape driving licence headache
Frustration for travellers who forget the paper counterpart of their driving licence when hiring a car will end with the purge of red tape announced by the Government today.
(15 December 2011)

AA Insurance ‘delighted’ at simplification of insurance certificates
Simon Douglas, director of AA Insurance, has welcomed the Department for Transport’s proposed abolition of the need for a paper or electronic motor insurance certificate
(15 December 2011)

AA DriveTech takes grip on corporate 4X4 market with acquisition of Nationwide 4X4

AA DriveTech, part of the AA Group, announced today that it has purchased Powys-based Nationwide 4x4 Limited, a leading provider of driver training and events for drivers of off-road vehicles and machinery.
(12 December 2011)

AA DriveTech supportive of Coca Cola campaign

AA DriveTech is one of a number of organisations which has put its name to the Coca Cola Designated Driver campaign which is supported and promoted by the Department for Transport.

(9 December 2011)

38% have done nothing to prepare for the possibility of severe weather affecting road travel this winter
With winter having arrived in many parts of Scotland and Northern England this week, new AA/Populus Poll data shows that more than one in three (38%) could come a cropper if heavy snows catch them out.
(6 December 2011)

Innovation in Driver Training Award
With some 200 road deaths and serious injuries every week involving somebody driving for work purposes, the corporate driver training industry is more important than ever before. Companies that offer innovative courses, with proven results and satisfied customers are naturally going to rise to the top. Because of this, the Institute of Transport Management is delighted to declare that AA DriveTech is the winner of the “Innovation in Driver Training” award.
(1 December 2011)

AA response to the Autumn Statement. Cash-strapped drivers will heave a heavy duty sigh of relief
The AA’s campaigning has paid off as the Chancellor has seen sense on fuel duty. Cash-strapped drivers will heave a heavy duty sigh of relief as current pump prices are close to the record high. This measure will not only be a relief to drivers but also to the High Street as drivers have less to spend if more money is pumped into their tanks
(29 November 2011)

New AA/Pernod Ricard UK campaign - don’t be pressured into one for the road
After two Christmases plagued by Arctic conditions, Christmas 2011 could see the return of the office Christmas Party, and the drink driving risk it brings.  The last two years have seen many parties postponed, or only attended by those that can walk through the snow.
(28 November 2011)

8p fuel duty rise will force one in five to cut back on food shopping
Two fuel duty rises next year, with VAT adding 8p to petrol and diesel pump prices, will force 18% of AA members to cut back on grocery shopping, AA research reveals. That rises to 23% among women.
(28 November 2011)

Latest Streetwatch results - In a pot-hole lot of trouble, even before winter sets in
Roads in many parts of the UK are already plagued with potholes before any winter freeze gets to work on them, the AA’s army of Streetwatchers has revealed.
(25 November 2011)

Half of us think a family member drives too fast
According to research by AA Driving School, half (51%) of drivers have a family member who drives too fast. A quarter (26%) said they have a colleague who does this.
(23 November 2011)

Tips for designated drivers
If it's your turn to drive this festive season, here are a few tips to keep you, and your passengers, safe.
(21 November 2011)

November fuel price update - nothing mild about winter diesel prices
Diesel car owners have seen no benefit from falling oil prices, with the average pump price up more than a penny a litre over the past month. The cost of petrol has dropped slightly, opening up a price gap between the two fuels that has never been bigger except during the extraordinary price spikes of 2008.
(18 November 2011)

Back seat drivers - nagging friends and family causing confidence crash
Women drivers are being bombarded with criticism by male back seat drivers. Nearly two thirds (58%) of women drivers say men in their families nag them about their driving.
(16 November 2011)

AA patrols win FIA European road patrol technical contest
Two AA patrols have come top in a European-wide competition to find the best roadside patrols on the continent.
(15 November 2011)

AA writes to Chancellor over socially-divisive fuel duty increases
Rising fuel duty is becoming a socially-divisive tax that is splitting the nation into the ‘drives’ and ‘drive-nots’ during the economic downturn. Lower-income and rural drivers are losing mobility faster than better-off motorists.
(14 November 2011)

Nutty squirrel KOs car with hundreds of acorns in engine
Basingstoke AA patrol Andy Smith could ‘nut’ believe it when he attended a car parked next to an oak tree on a farm in Micheldever, Hampshire.
(8 November 2011)

M25 - 4000 AA rescues per mile over 25 years
Marking the 25th anniversary of the UK’s most important motorway, dubbed the ‘road to nowhere’, the AA has released figures showing that it is fast approaching half-million call-outs getting drivers back on the move again.
(28 October 2011)

October fuel price update - autumn chill hits UK pump prices
Heading into autumn and winter, petrol and diesel prices are at levels never before endured at this time of year. This follows summer prices that, compared to those in 2010, averaged 17.5p a litre higher for petrol and 19.7p more expensive for diesel, according to the latest AA Fuel Price Report.
(21 October 2011)

Half term travel advice - up to 15 million cars on the roads
The last break for families before Christmas means that friday could be one of the most congested days on the motorway and trunk road network in England and Wales, according to Trafficmaster, with the AA predicting up to 15 million cars likely to hit the road.
(20 October 2011)

Dangerous drivers' school - AA tackles serious driving problems in new Channel 5 series
Qualified drivers with serious driving problems are tackled by an expert team of AA Driving School instructors in a new Channel 5 series, Dangerous Drivers’ School, which starts on October 19th at 8pm.
(17 October 2011)

Up to 300,000 swap penalty points to avoid driving ban
A new AA survey shows that up to 300,000 drivers (mainly males) may have persuaded others to take their penalty points for speeding.
(13 October 2011)

Safety camera alerts on your smart phone with the new AA app
The AA Safety Camera app turns your smartphone into a live safety camera warning system.  Audio and visual alerts are given for all types of fixed camera as well as live mobile camera sites across Great Britain.
(12 October 2011)

AA DriveTech wins the hybrid vehicle class in the 2011 MPG Marathon
The MPG Marathon, the UK’s only national fuel economy event, this year featured for the first time a separate class for hybrid vehicles, which was won by the official AA DriveTech entry, crewed by experienced hyper-milers Steve Johnson and Steve Heywood. They were driving a Toyota Prius T Spirit loaned by Toyota UK.
(11 October 2011)

AA DriveTech meets strong demand for Driver CPC training
Demand for AA DriveTech’s innovative range of Driver CPC training courses has reached such a level that it is now arranging ‘open sessions’ in London and across the Home Counties, allowing drivers to book individual places online and pay conveniently by credit card.
(5 October 2011)

Coach & Bus Driver CPC courses from AA DriveTech
AA DriveTech provides a wide range of specialist Driver Certificate of Professional Competence [Driver CPC] courses for coach, bus and truck drivers. Coach and Bus drivers who acquired their commercial vehicle licences before September 2008 are now obliged to complete 35 hours of Joint Approvals Unit for Periodic Training [JAUPT] approved training by 2013, and 35 hours every five years thereafter.
(5 October 2011)

The AA Hospitality Awards 2011 - Discover this year's best places to eat, stay and drink
Brothers Chris and Jeff Galvin received nationwide recognition when they were named AA Chefs' Chef of the Year, at the AA Hospitality Awards 2011–2012. Sponsored by, the ceremony was hosted by Sophie Raworth at the London Hilton on Park Lane.
(29 September 2011)

Patrol rescues 7ft boa constrictor in Harlow
Patrol Darren Foster of Chelmsford was assigned the job which came through as: ‘7ft boa constrictor snake stuck behind dashboard; member will handle the snake, just need dashboard removed.’
(27 September 2011)

Racing the satnav
A majority (55%) of younger drivers with a satnav try to race their satnav’s estimated journey time, latest AA Populus research reveals.  Overall, more than a quarter of AA members with a device try to beat the technology.
(23 September 2011)

Learning to drive is the most valuable life skill
AA Driving School has found a third (33%) of people think learning to drive offers better value for money than getting a degree or getting on the property ladder.
(19 September 2011)

September fuel price update
Oil price volatility and a weaker pound have prevented pump prices from following the traditional downward trend that usually marks the end of summer motoring, the latest AA Fuel Price Report notes.
(16 September 2011)

AA breakdown top in latest Which? survey
The AA has been ranked the best breakdown provider in the latest issue (September 2011) of Which? magazine.
(15 September 2011)

Reducing congestion - Select Committee finding is a red herring
The AA has welcomed the Transport Select Committee report “Out of the jam: reducing congestion on our roads” but questions whether one of the major findings is a red herring.
(15 September 2011)

Streetwatch 3 - the big pothole count
The AA is asking its army of Streetwatchers to go out in early October and record existing potholes, ones that have been filled in but may reappear, failed utility roadworks, uneven footpaths and potentially dangerous manhole and drain covers.
(9 September 2011)

Banning referral fees
We are pleased the reforms being put forward by the Minister will tackle the growing claims culture which is one of the main drivers of rising car insurance premiums
(9 September 2011)

Dangling Dangers - 1 in 20 cars has potential ornamental blind spot in windscreen
Five per cent of drivers, equivalent to 1.5 million drivers,  feel the need to have things dangling from their rear-view mirrors and may be breaking the law, according to an AA spot-check survey.
(8 September 2011)

Most drivers don't know about insurance database website
According to an AA/Populus study of AA members, which prompted 16,850 responses, only 20 per cent of drivers were aware that the free AskMID service exists while just 7 per cent have ever used it.
(7 September 2011)

Back to School - Higher fuel costs, new speed limits and fewer lollipop ladies
Starting a new school year next week may usher in radical changes as higher fuel costs, new speed limits, cuts in council transport funding and fewer lollipop ladies means that the trip to school may never again be the way it was.
(5 September 2011)

Blue is most popular choice of car colour
As new plated cars hit the forecourts, the AA expects to see an increase in blue cars as blue is the colour most drivers would choose for their car if they have a choice, closely followed by silver and black.  Brown was the least popular choice followed by gold and yellow.
(1 September 2011)

New car sales - more families hang on to their cash

With car registrations having declined for 13 consecutive months according to SMMT figures, car retailers will be hoping that the new '61 plate' (new registrations from September 2011) might bring a reversal in fortunes.
(30 August 2011)

High pump prices force one in four to limit fuel spend
Near-record petrol and diesel prices are forcing more than one in four (28%) AA members to restrict the amount they spend when they refuel the car. That rises to more than 40% among less well-off drivers.
(30 August 2011)

August bank holiday traffic and travel advice
Depending on the weather, up to 16 million vehicles are likely to hit the road this bank holiday weekend. Traffic will build up from mid-afternoon on Friday (26 August) as people take advantage of the final weekend of summer and the diverse range of leisure and sporting events.
(23 August 2011)

Home electrical safety - children's bedrooms are potential danger zone
Many children's bedrooms are potential electrical danger zones, according to new research from the AA's Home Emergency Response Service. Although children have a large number of electrical appliances in their rooms, one in three (31%) is rarely or never supervised when using them.
(22 August 2011)

AA DriveTech goes on the buses
The commercial driver training arm of the AA - AA DriveTech – is proud to have been awarded the Transport for London [TfL] contract to provide an ongoing assessment programme of London bus drivers.
(22 August 2011)

Glasgow patrol celebrates 45 years of dedicated service
The AA's longest-serving patrol celebrates 45 years of service at the roadside on 22 August. Jim Haggart, 60, of Eastwood, Glasgow, joined the AA on 22 August 1966 as a 16-year-old cadet.
(22 August 2011)

August fuel price update - wholesale petrol down 3p, pump price down less than 1p
Average UK petrol pump prices have fallen less than a penny in the past week despite falls in wholesale prices equivalent to at least 3p a litre, the latest AA Fuel Price Report reveals. With many drivers finding fuel costs increasingly unaffordable, the need for transparency in the market is now beyond question.
(18 August 2011)

The top-ten summer breakdowns
Since June AA patrols have dealt with 57,000 punctures, 14,000 overheated cars and 8,000 drowned or missing keys, but if you do the basic checks and get your car serviced regularly you can avoid a summer breakdown.
(17 August 2011)

8 million Britons have returned from holiday to a domestic disaster
If you take some simple precautions before you go away you can reduce the risk of coming home to a domestic disaster such as water leaks, pest infestations or power failure. Over eight million Britons have previously come back from holiday to domestic disasters like these.
(11 August 2011)

Hitchhiking - has it reached the end of the road?
The AA questions whether hitch-hiking has reached the end of the road in the UK as the number of drivers unlikely to stop has increased from 75% to 91% in the last two years. Only 1% of drivers have hitch-hiked themselves in the last year.
(8 August 2011)

AA DriveTech expands its ‘fleet compliance’ reach with acquisition of Intelligent Data Systems (UK) Limited
AA DriveTech, part of the AA Group, announced today that it has purchased Harrogate-based Intelligent Data Systems, a leading provider of driver risk management products and services.
(8 August 2011)


High speed rail - speed not an important factor for 97% of motorists
It appears that perhaps the main raison d'être of High Speed Rail - speed - seems pretty irrelevant to most drivers. 97% of motorists say that speed is not an important factor when considering whether they would use High Speed Rail.
(5 August 2011)

Breakdown good samaritans - older drivers more likely to stop and help
Older drivers are much more likely than younger drivers to stop to help if they see someone broken down at the roadside, according to an AA/Populus poll of 16,850 AA members.
(1 August 2011)

Car use down - recession and fuel prices cut trips by 4.3%
Soaring fuel prices and recession are forcing families to combine trips and go out less often, to the detriment of business according to new figures from the Department for Transport analysed by the AA.
(29 July 2011)

Roadside roulette - the cost of driving without breakdown cover this summer
You could be in for an expensive shock if your car breaks down without cover this summer as arranging one-off emergency assistance from a garage costs up to six times as much as annual roadside assistance - last year drivers without cover spent an average of £172.67 calling out a garage and getting their car fixed.
(25 July 2011)

Summer getaway - expect a busy weekend on the roads
Drivers can expect a 50% increase in journey times on popular routes today and over the weekend as the majority of schools in England and Wales break up for summer, according to AA Roadwatch.
(22 July 2011)

July fuel prices - yo-yo prices offer little respite
Over the past month (to mid-July) UK average petrol prices dropped nearly 2.5p before surging back almost 2p in the past fortnight, according to the latest AA Fuel Price Report.
(22 July 2011)

Atlas vs sat nav - atlas users less likely to get lost
The younger drivers who rely on modern technology for their navigational needs are the most prone to loosing their way, while those relying on atlases are most accomplished at route planning.
(18 July 2011)

AA DriveTech shows visible commitment to Decade of Action for Road Safety
AA DriveTech, the commercial driver training arm of the AA Group, is visibly demonstrating its support for the UN’s Decade of Action for Road Safety by asking all of its staff to wear one of the official campaign lapel badges whilst at work.
(18 July 2011)


Dedicated police insurance fraud unit welcomed
Insurance fraud is not a victimless crime and costs around £16 million pounds a week so the AA's insurance director, Simon Douglas, has warmly welcomed the formation of a dedicated 35-strong insurance fraud unit by the City of London Police.
(13 July 2011)

Summer drink driving - new campaign launched
There are more temptations to drink and drive in the summer months with the lighter evenings, festivals, barbecues and garden parties, as well as holidays. So we're continuing our joint anti drink driving campaign with Pernod Ricard UK to encourage people to 'accept responsibility' when it comes to drinking and driving this summer.
(12 July 2011)

Petrol and diesel sales drop by one billion litres in Q1
Filling stations sold one billion litres less petrol and diesel in the first three months of this year compared to the same period in pre-credit crunch 2008. Milder weather, including the ninth warmest February on record, means that snow disruption was barely a factor.
(8 July 2011)

Keith Miller crowned breakdown patrol of the year 2011
Car nut Keith Miller from Burgess Hill, West Sussex is the AA's 2011 roadside Patrol of the Year. Local managers nominate roadside patrols for the award every year and shortlisted finalists are put through an intensive day of technical and driving tests, panel interview and mock live TV interviews at the AA's training centre in Leicestershire.
(27 June 2011)

Glastonbury 2011 - How to tackle car park mud
AA patrols have already been in the thick of it at Glastonbury helping festival goers in the car parks. To help those struggling to escape the mud afterwards, our Land Rover crews have put together some tips - with light-hearted music suggestions to pass the time.
(24 June 2011)

The Great British Motorist - 150,000 drivers tell it like it is
The AA's Great British Motorist report looks at motoring opinion since the start of the Coalition Government. Some 200 questions have been asked, ranging from serious motoring issues like drink drive limits (the majority support lower limits) to the best song to drive to ('Bat out of hell').
(21 June 2011)

Petrol and diesel prices back on the rise
The latest AA Fuel Price Report shows that, although mid-June's average UK petrol price is almost penny a litre lower than a month ago, it has gone up a third of a penny in the past week.
(17 June 2011)

AA Streetwatch - 5% of drivers still not belting up according to latest survey
AA Streetwatchers logged 40,000 vehicles making this the biggest-ever street survey of driver behaviour carried out in the UK. A total of 4.92% of drivers observed in the survey were not wearing a seatbelt.
(16 June 2011)

Creating a new breed of driver trainers
The AA DriveTech Academy has received new funding and a fresh remit. Drawing on the huge resources of the largest motoring organisation in the world, it intends to offer the finest ‘train the trainer’ courses available, with the intention of ramping up quality across the driver training industry as a whole.
(10 June 2011)

AA DriveTech supports Help for Heroes
AA DriveTech, the specialist commercial training arm of the AA, will be supporting the Help for Heroes charity by becoming a principal sponsor of an entry in the forthcoming Help for Heroes 4x4 European Rally.
(10 June 2011)

Level crossings - more drivers taking illegal and dangerous risks
Remarkably an increasing number of drivers are taking illegal and dangerous risks at level crossings. Network Rail has said near-misses with trains increased from 140 in 2009 to 161 last year - a jump of 15%. On International Level Crossing Awareness Day the AA is taking the opportunity to warn drivers against playing Russian Roulette on crossings.
(9 June 2011)

AA warns drivers against playing Russian roulette
The AA is warning drivers not to play Russian Roulette with their lives and the lives of others on International Level Crossing Awareness day - 9 June 2011.
(9 June 2011)

AA Members say rumoured changes to MOT test frequency fail on safety grounds
Two thirds of drivers think rumoured changes to the MOT test – moving to a first test at four years then every other year – would increase the number of unsafe vehicles on UK roads.
(8 June 2011)

Are you prepared for the wasp invasion? Warm spring means more nests to be dealt with
Millions could be stung by wasps this summer, as the warm spring leads to a big increase in numbers.
(6 June 2011)

Cold Move drivers get some red hot training
Leading UK cold storage and distribution company Cold Move is putting all twenty of its drivers through mandatory Driver CPC training with AA DriveTech, the specialist driver training arm of the AA that formed a partnership with the Food Storage and Distribution Federation [FSDF] earlier this year.
(2 June 2011)

Aspiring race champion becomes young driver safety ambassador
18 year old Anton Spires from Buckingham, tipped to follow in the footsteps of World Motor Racing Champion Lewis Hamilton in the near future, will be leaving his race suit behind when he sets out on a series of road safety presentations to youngsters in schools and colleges to be held over the coming months.
(27 May 2011)

Have your say alongside The AA and help cut red tape in transport regulations
The AA has joined with Government to help cut red tape in transport. AA President, Edmund King, will act as a Sector Champion to advise on what regulations can be cut.
(20 May 2011)

Latest AA fuel price report - oil market 'flash crash' barely dents record UK petrol prices
A drop of more than $10 a barrel in the cost of oil and a 4p-a-litre drop in the wholesale petrol price have so far barely dented average UK petrol prices.
(20 May 2011)

New road safety strategy to focus on more aggressive and wilfully dangerous drivers
This week the Department for Transport set out its plans for road safety under a new strategic framework.
(12 May 2011)

The AA supports the UN Decade of Action on Road Safety - 5 million lives could be saved
It is likely that the 2010 figure for road deaths in the UK will be below 2,000 for the first time since records began – this is well below peaks of 9,000 in 1941 and 7,985 in 1966.
(12 May 2011)

Best practice for workstation usage

One of the first non driving-related health and safety e-learning modules available from AA DriveTech is entitled ‘Workstation Training and Assessment’. It can accessed either as part of the ‘FleetRiskManager’ e-learning suite or as a stand alone e-learning module, and there is a version available for the partially sighted.

(6 May 2011)


New home owners face £780m unexpected repair bill as sellers hide faults
One in four people (25%) deliberately covered up faults the last time they sold a home according to new research for the AA's Home Emergency Response service.
(22 April 2011)

Record petrol and diesel prices squeeze an extra £2/100 miles out of bank holiday drivers
Record petrol and diesel prices will squeeze an extra £2 every 100 miles out of bank holiday drivers, the AA Fuel Price Report for April notes.
(21 April 2011)

Bank holiday and royal wedding parking advice - check signs carefully and assume nothing
Confusion as to when and where to park during the Easter and May bank holidays, as well as the royal wedding, could spoil the perfect day out
(19 April 2011)

AA Cycle Safety Day - free helmets and hi-vis vests for london cyclists today
Ninety seven per cent of AA members think cyclists should wear helmets, according to an AA/Populus poll* of almost 16,000 AA members commissioned to promote AA Cycle Safety Day.
(15 April 2011)

Easter and Royal Wedding weekend traffic and travel
The Easter break is expected to be one of the busiest on the roads for several years, as millions take advantage of the quadruple bank holiday period, according to AA Roadwatch and traffic information specialist Trafficmaster.
(13 April 2011)

AA DriveTech product debuts at Safety & Health Expo in May
The commercial training arm of the AA, AA DriveTech, will be giving visitors to the Safety & Health Expo [NEC, May 17-19] the first opportunity to experience a brand new product, known as ‘FleetRiskManager’.
(12 April 2011)

Customers enthuse about Driver CPC from AA DriveTech
Some of the customers that have relied on AA DriveTech to deliver Driver CPC courses are Marston's PLC, Matthew Clark, Masstock, Shred-it, London Borough of Havering, Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council and Notts & Derby Buses.
(11 April 2011)

The AA at the CV Show 2011
The AA, in the guise of its specialist commercial driver training arm AA DriveTech, appears at the CV Show for the first time this week.
(5 April 2011)

AA Pothole Assist - patrols with specially adapted vans to repair potholes between breakdowns
A 2.2 million pothole plague has spread across the UK as a result of three cold winters and cutbacks in road maintenance.
(1 April 2011)

Unique range of Driver CPC courses from AA DriveTech
“Whilst the Driver CPC courses are obviously a mandatory requirement of their developmental training, the aim was to produce engaging courses that perhaps had more relevance in a wider range of driving environments,” says Driver CPC Operations Manager Dominic Pargeter.
(30 March 2011 )

AA DriveTech’s new course aims to save fleets thousands of pounds a year
AA DriveTech’s new Fuel Save 15 courses provide the complete spectrum of fuel saving techniques. The product name alludes to the percentage of savings that should be achievable if all are applied correctly and the vehicle is in optimum condition.
(23 March 2011)

Budget 2011 - AA welcomes cut in fuel duty and increase in approved mileage rates
A freeze in fuel duty and a 1p cut, rather than the 5p increase planned, prevents more pain at the pumps and applies a 'much needed tourniquet to drivers haemorrhaging money from record pump prices', says the AA.
(23 March 2011)

Government decides not to cut drink drive limit despite widespread support
The Government has set out its response to the North Report on Drink and Drug Driving, which was published last year.
(21 March 2011)

VAT on petrol has risen almost 5p/litre in a year
Soaring pump prices and the 2.5% increase in VAT on January 4 have added almost 5p/litre in a year to the Government's tax-take from VAT on petrol, says the AA.
(15 March 2011)

Parents helping learner drivers risk passing on their own bad habits
Parents have a key role to play in learners' driving development, but many lack confidence or up-to-date knowledge, or have developed bad habits which they risk passing on according to AA Driving School.
(14 March 2011)

Cost of motor insurance - AA welcomes Transport Committee recommendations
At a time when the cost of motoring is soaring, with the cost of unleaded petrol passing the £6 per gallon mark, drivers are looking to the insurance industry and Government to control insurance premium inflation – fuelled by spiralling claims costs.
(11 March 2011)

Make your car battery last longer and reduce the risk of a battery breakdown
AA patrols replaced around 140,000 car batteries last year but simple steps could double battery life.
(10 March 2011)

Petrol hits £6 gallon - Government must act urgently
£6 a gallon is not just another milestone along the road to higher fuel prices, it marks the point at which the wheels start to come off mobility in 21st century UK.
(9 March 2011)

Court decision on insurance - premiums for young women set to rise as equality wins over fairness
AA Insurance is disappointed at today's decision by the European Court of Justice that UK insurers can no longer use gender as a risk factor when calculating premiums.
(1 March 2011)

AA DriveTech serves up gourmet food industry training
AA DriveTech, the specialist division of the AA that provides driver risk management and training for corporate drivers, has formed a partnership with the Food Storage and Distribution Federation (FSDF) to develop and deliver specialist Driver CPC training courses for its members.
(28 February 2011)

Fuel prices still rising - Millions are driving more slowly on motorways to save fuel
As pump prices soar to new record highs, more than half (59%) of all drivers intend to reduce their speed on motorways to cut their fuel consumption*. The figure rises to 65% among female drivers.
(24 February 2011)

Mitsubishi i-MiEV awarded 4-star rating in first Euro NCAP crash test of an electric car
Concern that the safety of electric cars may lose out to fuel cost and environmental considerations have been answered by the first ever Euro NCAP crash test on one, says the AA. The Mitsubishi i-MiEV supermini recorded an overall score of four out of five stars.
(23 February 2011)

Roads are in their worst state for three years according to AA members
Harsh winter weather over three years has clearly taken its toll and Britain's roads have been under attack from frost and thaw which weakens vulnerable sections of road.
(23 February 2011)

Gender discrimination in car insurance - court decision could result in premium jump for young women
A European Court of Justice decision due to be announced on 1 March, could stop the UK and some other EU countries using gender as a basis for calculating risk for car insurance.
(21 February 2011)

Getting married on Royal Wedding day? The AA will get you to the Church on time
Whether you're having a traditional church wedding like William and Kate or making your vows in a remote field, you want to make sure you arrive on time. The last thing you want to worry about is the vehicle you're travelling in breaking down and delaying you.
(21 February 2011)

UK petrol prices still rising while European prices fall. AA calls for market transparency
European petrol prices dropped in line with wholesale price reductions while UK prices continued to rise. Rarely has the need for transparency in UK pump prices been so clearly illustrated, according to the latest AA Fuel Price Report.
(18 February 2011)

Drivers seek escapism in 'bat out of hell' according to latest AA/Populus survey
AA members, depressed by ever-increasing forecourt fuel prices, are escaping to a bygone era of happier and cheaper motoring by choosing 'Bat out of Hell' as their top tune for the road.
(11 February 2011)

AA clamping campaign victory with first reading of protection of freedoms bill this week
The first legislative steps to outlaw cowboy clampers on private land should be taken in Parliament this week when the Protection of Freedoms Bill gets its first reading this Thursday.
(9 February 2011)

Life cover for over 50s - new product from AA Financial Services
The AA has launched a new low-cost life insurance policy for those aged 50 and over, adding to its award-winning life insurance range.
(4 February 2011)

Reclassification of roads - AA voices concern over proposed new council powers
The government's proposal to allow councils to reclassify roads without referral to a central authority could confuse drivers and create boundary anomalies between council areas, the AA warns.
(3 February 2011)

Fall in road deaths welcome but budget cuts may undermine some of progress made
The AA has welcomed government statistics published today showing further falls in road deaths and injuries. The 1900 deaths recorded in the year ending 30th September 2010 is a number that would have been unthinkable only a few years ago – in 2000 the total was 3409.
(3 February 2011)

Fuel prices - survey shows that only 7% have considered writing to their MP
Drivers suffering from high fuel prices are urged to write to their MPs and influence parliamentary opinion after research* found that only 7% of AA members have considered doing so.
(31 January 2011)

Diesel and petrol pump prices are both now higher than they have ever been before
The average UK price of diesel hit a new record on thursday 27 January, reaching 133.26p/litre. The previous record was 133.25p/litre in July 2008.
(31 January 2011)

Drivers resolved to avoid parking tickets according to AA/Populus new year resolutions poll
Councils who are banking on filling budget deficits with parking fine cash could be in for a shock – almost three-quarters of AA members have a New Year resolution to avoid getting tickets.
(26 January 2011)

Fuel prices - April duty rise should be scrapped. AA calls on members to lobby local MPs
Following two tax increases in four days we now have record petrol prices at the pumps and tax now accounts for 63% of the pump price.
(26 January 2011)

Fuel price update - UK Petrol prices up by a staggering 6.13p/litre this month
UK petrol prices ended the first decade of the 21st century with their biggest monthly leap – up by a staggering 6.13p/litre or £3.07 a tank, according to the latest AA Fuel Price Report.
(21 January 2011)

AA Streetwatch survey reveals the good, the bad and the ugly neighbourhoods
It's clear from feedback on issues such as lack of grit or potholes that AA members are genuinely concerned about the state of local roads. This is why we started AA Streetwatch surveys in 2010 – regular surveys to give a unique insight into the 'true state of the nation's' roads.
(20 January 2011)

Travellers could get more Euros for their money according to AA Financial Services
New research from AA Financial Services suggests that travellers preparing for their winter sports fix could make their money go further with better management of their holiday money.
(18 January 2011)

DIY skills dying out according to new study for AA Home Emergency Response
A new generation of 'techno-sexual' men is to blame for the demise in basic home maintenance and DIY skills, with men preferring to nurture their technological prowess rather than learn to fix a dripping tap, according to a new study* for AA Home Emergency Response.
(18 January 2011)

Eco-driving can save £1000 on your family fuel bill according to AA Driving School
Motorists can cut up to £500 a year from their annual fuel bills by adopting basic 'eco driving' techniques, according to findings from AA Driving School's Drive Smart eco driver training scheme.
(13 January 2011)

Road crash figures reflect misplaced confidence among male drivers according to AA Charity
Many road crashes involving male drivers reflect 'misplaced' confidence among men over their ability behind the wheel, according to new analysis for the AA's Drive Confident scheme.
(13 January 2011)

Money worries spoiling travel plans according to new research by AA Travel Insurance
New research from AA Travel Insurance suggests that many peoples' holiday plans are being influenced by money concerns, while just over a quarter won't take out travel insurance.
(13 January 2011)

Ford WRC technician swaps rally car for yellow van
A Ford world rally technician has left his blue overalls behind and gone out on patrol with the AA in Wales this week.
(13 January 2011)

AA insurance claims staff bracing themselves for steep rise in pothole damage reports
The harsh winter is already bringing out a nasty rash of potholes on Britain's crumbling roads which are set to wreak havoc on cars and lead to a corresponding rash of insurance claims.
(12 January 2011)

Almost two-thirds of drivers expect to get 'ripped off' by garages and mechanics
In an AA/Populus poll of more than 17,000 AA members*, 62% worry about being overcharged when their car is in need of servicing or repair and almost half (48%) expect to be stung for a bill for more than was originally quoted.
(7 January 2011)

Driving boredom- motorists take risks to liven up their journey
Researchers at Newcastle University found that drivers who didn't find the highways taxing enough were more prone to speeding or overtaking as they sought excitement.
(4 January 2011)