2009 news stories from the AA

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2009 news stories from the AA

30 December 2009The AA is calling on drivers to make a New Years Resolution to reduce driver distractions

Putting on mascara, watching 'Battlestar Galactica' on a lap top or ogling attractive pedestrians are all activities that drivers get up to behind the wheel, according to the AA.

23 December 2009Insurance claims coming in for damage to abandoned cars and for cars stolen while warming up

Drivers who abandoned their cars in the snow are returning to find them damaged. Claims are also coming in for cars stolen off drives while warming up, says AA Insurance.

23 December 2009AA breakdown patrols have attended 114,000 breakdowns over the last six days

By the end of today (Wednesday), the AA expects to have attended around 114,000 breakdowns in total across the UK since Friday, 18 December 2009 – its busiest period in ten years. The busiest day was Monday 21 December when AA patrols attended 22,000 breakdowns. We are expecting around 16,000 breakdowns today.

21 December 2009Stories from AA Insurance claims department highlight hazards of driving on snow and ice

Flying ice, parked cars, posts, telephone boxes – all fair game for out-of-control drivers, says AA Insurance It's carnage out there in the snow and ice, if the claims from AA Insurance are anything to go b.

21 December 2009The AA is having its busiest day on the roads in ten years with record numbers of breakdowns

Following an exceptionally busy weekend, the AA is having its busiest day on the roads in ten years with record numbers of breakdowns. By 3pm the UK's biggest breakdown organisation has attended around 16,000 breakdowns – more than the 10,000 it normally attends for the whole of a Monday in December.

20 December 2009AA warns of five routes to court for drink driving this Christmas

The police are increasing their targeting of drink drivers this festive season, a move welcomed by the AA and our members, especially as annual figures for 2008 showed an increase in drink-drive deaths – to 430 – while there was a substantial fall in overall road deaths. Last Christmas 183,397 breath tests were carried out with 5% proving positive, and there is every indication that Christmas 2009 will be similar. And there are five simple ways for a drink driver to be caught – and end up in Court:

18 December 2009December fuel prices - scrooge retailers siphon off Christmas spirit says AA

Average UK petrol prices, which last week rose to a level never seen before at this time of year, have started to fall, the mid-monthly AA Fuel Price Report for December reveals. However, many retailers have delayed passing on a drop in wholesale prices and major towns in the South are paying up to £2.50 a tank more for the cheapest petrol compared to others in the region.

17 December 2009AA Travel Insurance position in respect of the BA strike threat and Flyglobespan collapse

The following is the position of AA Travel Insurance in respect of the British Airways strike threat and collapse of Scottish operator Flyglobespan. Customers of the latter may be covered for financial failure as this is included in all AA travel insurance policies issued since 4th July 2009.

17 December 2009'Snow' joke this Christmas as 12 million expected to travel to visit family or friends

More than 12 million drivers are expected to put recessionary blues behind them and travel to spend Christmas with family or friends this year, according to new research from the AA.

16 December 2009Servicing cutbacks may come home to bite millions of motorists this winter

The 4.3 million drivers who said they were likely to cut back on servicing during the recession may be in for a chilling shock this winter, warns the AA. Over time, the antifreeze in engine coolant deteriorates, leaving it vulnerable to freezing – with no coolant circulating through the radiator, the engine can overheat resulting in potentially severe and expensive damage.

15 December 2009AA driving theory test App in iTunes top ten

The AA's Theory Test app for the iPhone and iPod Touch has made it into 6th place in the Rewind section for the best paid for app in 2009 in the iTunes store and has also topped the Educational category.

14 December 2009Half of UK local authorities have salt stocks for just six days of continuous freezing weather

Half of UK local authorities have salt stocks that would last just six days of continuous freezing weather, the AA has learnt. With the UK enduring its first cold snap, the UK's ability to deal with a major snowfall is again open to question. Continued reliance on supermarket-style 'just in time' deliveries leaves too many local authorities just as vulnerable to a lengthy big freeze or major snowfall as last year.

8 December 2009The AA has launched a new fuel prices application for the iPhone

The AA are coming to the aid of cash-strapped motorists by launching a fuel price iPhone application that will instantly help users reduce their motoring costs with the touch of the screen by finding the cheapest fuel near their current location.

8 December 2009The AA's pre-budget report 2009 fact file

On the day before the pre-budget statement the AA is warning the Chancellor not to pull any "tricks out of his box" to hammer the motorist in a pre-Christmas stunt - since the last pre-budget report fuel duty has already risen by 5.84 pence/litre so the Chancellor should not be looking to revise his plans on fuel duty.

4 December 2009AA Insurance calls for widespread police action against 'cash for crash' insurance scams

A new initiative by the Metropolitan Police to target 'cash for crash' insurance scams should be copied by other police forces, says AA Car Insurance. The Metropolitan Police has established a specialist unit to train officers to watch out for signs of suspicious collisions that could be staged accidents designed to defraud insurance companies for bogus personal injury claims.

3 December 2009AA reaction to drink/drug review by Sir Peter North QC

2 December 2009AA highlights importance of sports holiday insurance this winter

26 November 20091 in 7 loathe motorway driving or say they lack the skills needed for motorway driving

24 November 2009British drivers support planned new offence of 'keeping a vehicle without insurance'

20 November 2009New flood bill will still leave homes at risk of flooding according to AA Insurance

20 November 2009AA specialist flood team working flat out to rescue drivers in storm-hit Cumbria

20 November 2009Latest AA fuel price survey shows diesel hits £5 a gallon as fuel prices surge to new high

19 November 2009Canny drivers can save at the pumps with the new AA credit card

19 November 2009AA urges global ministers to support call for decade of action on road safety

16 November 2009Congestion starts to increase again - but is it the end of the recession

13 November 2009Start-of-the-weekend road deaths add new horror to Friday 13th

11 November 2009Motorists demand transparency over use of trainee driving instructors

29 October 2009New book from AA Publishing - Somerville's Travels, Journeys through the heart and soul of Britain

29 October 2009New book from AA Publishing - Cycling in the UK, an introduction to the National Cycle Network

28 October 2009Celebrating 50 years of the M1, the motorway that revolutionised travel in the UK

27 October 2009AA launches best-buy, rewards credit card

23 October 2009Motoring authorities must be sympathetic during postal strike

22 October 2009'Unprecedented' increases hit drivers hard according to latest AA British Insurance Premium Index

21 October 2009Cowboy clampers in last chance saloon says AA President speaking at Parking Summit

16 October 2009Latest AA fuel price report highlights large price variation between towns and along major UK routes

15 October 2009AA members demand a hole lot of financial trouble for street diggers

14 October 2009Autocar/AA Drive Better Campaign highlights the top ten types of driver that other drivers dislike

8 October 2009AA warns that accidents due to low sun increase threefold in October

8 October 2009AA Savings launches a new best buy, easy access internet savings account

7 October 2009AA calls for action on motorway congestion - more than 1,700 road closures so far this year

6 October 2009The AA Road Safety Manifesto - drawn from AA/Populus panel survey results

1 October 2009AA concerned about confusion over new system allowing some overseas fines to follow you home

30 September 2009Autumn rut costs drivers deer says AA Insurance

30 September 2009Hospital parking charges to be dropped after AA campaign

25 September 2009AA insurance supports MIB 'stay insured' campaign

24 September 2009AA comment on latest road accident statistics

21 September 2009AA launches The AA Home Cooking Competition

21 September 2009'First car' survey - AA insurance research finds teenage car ownership higher than ever

18 September 2009AA fuel price update - pump prices start to fall but shadow of 2007 threatens

14 September 2009Safety is number one priority for women drivers when buying cars

10 September 2009AA patrols provide breakdown support to teams and officials in this year's Tour of Britain

10 September 2009Look out for the historic AA vehicles on display at Beaulieu Autojumble this weekend

9 September 2009Simple CO2 reduction measures may be smarter says AA President

7 September 2009Cash strapped Brits cut back on wedding luxuries according to AA Savings

7 September 2009New AA report shows record drop in congestion

26 August 2009AA insurance concern that 1 in 5 young motorists are driving without insurance

25 August 2009Driver distraction survey

25 August 2009AA predicts busiest traffic of the year this bank holiday weekend

25 August 2009The AA and Postcode Anywhere launch route optimiser for hauliers and couriers

22 August 2009Private parking enforcement out of control

19 August 2009AA driving school helping learners deal with crumbling roads

18 August 2009Careless driving - fixed penalty would reduce deterrent effect says AA insurance

17 August 2009Big rise in number of drivers getting behind crash barrier on hard shoulder

7 August 2009AA scores hat-trick in Which? magazine's breakdown provider survey

5 August 2009Latest road casualty figures

4 August 2009Roadside litter - AA Members call for tougher penalties

30 July 200982% of drivers still enjoy driving but oppose tolls and charges

30 July 2009British Insurance Premium Index - second quarter 2009

29 July 2009UK drivers face French roadside drug tests

28 July 2009The cost of car repairs and recovery abroad

24 July 2009Fear of motorway driving

24 July 2009Swine flu - advice from AA Travel Insurance

24 July 2009AA response to Transport Select Committee

17 July 2009Autocar/AA Drive Better Campaign

14 July 20098 out of 10 people have had their car damaged in a car park

13 July 2009More pain, no gain as Treasury collects less tax from fuel duty hikes

14 July 2009AA/Populus - the 10 most popular road safety measures

8 July 2009AA/Populus - Radio 2 is most popular in the car for drivers

7 July 2009Combined home and contents insurance not always best value says AA

6 July 2009Road safety strategy - live webchat on thursday 9 July

6 July 2009Petrol-diesel price gap shrinks 90%

6 July 2009Savers are car buying winners says AA Savings

6 July 2009Third of beach holiday bookings rushed says AA Travel Insurance

30 June 2009AA backs North East's electric future

29 June 2009Motorists sitting on £5 billion overheating timebomb

25 June 2009AA concern at EuroRAP 2009 survey results

24 June 2009AA President addresses Green Fleet summit

22 June 20091000 AA signs lead the way to this year's Glastonbury festival

22 June 2009Sir Alex supports AA child safety seat campaign

19 June 2009Flash flood claims underline weather change predictions

18 June 2009Monthly petrol price rise is second highest ever

16 June 2009Road deaths are a far greater global 'pandemic' danger then swine flu

9 June 2009Insurers should reward young drivers who can show they're improving safety

9 June 2009Three quarters would never stop to offer a hitchhiker a lift

1 June 2009Driving issues are important to local election voting

21 May 2009Home insurance - avoid a DIY disaster this bank holiday weekend

21 May 2009Price rises faster as £1 a litre returns to many forecourts

21 May 2009Car key crime

21 May 2009AA Eurotest car hire survey – 4x4 menace in Mediterranean car hire minefield

19 May 2009Travel insurance – forgetful Brits fall short in last-minute travel rush

19 May 2009Spring bank holiday travel advice

18 May 2009Scrappage scheme to benefit poorer drivers according to AA/Populus poll

16 May 2009Car phone addiction - AA and Lord Ahmed urge drivers to just say no

12 May 2009Homeowners improving for comfort ahead of value

7 May 2009Road safety 'Decade of Action' - global campaign could save 5 million lives

6 May 2009Cameron bike theft may herald mountain of crime

1 May 200915% upsurge in vehicles stolen following robbery or burglary

1 May 2009Don't drift off to death

28 April 2009British Insurance Premium Index - first quarter 2009

24 April 2009AA Patrol of the year 2009

24 April 2009AA Recovery Patrol of the year 2009

22 April 2009Budget response

17 April 2009April petrol prices - growing driver dismay as petrol prices hit 95p

9 April 2009'The AA' now spells out travel and traffic information on your mobile

8 April 2009Late insurance renewers risk being stopped by police

2 April 2009Easter travel advice - AA predicts congested Maundy Thursday

3 April 2009Curbing motoring expenditure - the AA's £6 billion summit paper

31 March 2009April fuels day - fuel duty goes up from tonight

26 March 2009Cost of keeping a driving licence lawful increases 14%

26 March 2009Follow the AA President on Twitter

25 March 2009M4 lights out will catch some drivers by surprise

25 March 2009'Road rust' warning as spring heralds return of nation's bikers

24 March 2009Cowboy clampers should be outlawed or more tightly regulated

21 March 2009Recession hit drivers opt to holiday in the UK - if their cars make it

20 March 2009Government must act on introduction of a car scrappage scheme

19 March 2009April fuel duty hike will add 2.12 pence to the price of a litre of petrol

9 March 2009Insurance claims - economy with the truth costs drivers dearly

12 March 2009Learner drivers prefer dad to mum

4 March 2009AA Land Rovers supporting Macmillan 4x4 Challenge

2 March 2009Car premiums could double if age discrimination for insurance ends

27 February 2009Select Committee enquiry must act on lessons learned from snow disruption

26 February 2009Car drivers over-estimate CO2 emissions from cars

25 February 2009100,000 drivers break mobile phone law at any one time

25 February 2009'Sale of the year' for car insurance

20 February 2009UK's best cuppa and best bacon sandwich

20 February 2009Petrol prices up nearly 5% according to latest AA fuel price report

19 February 2009AA launches 'value' caravan insurance aimed at UK tourers

16 February 2009Severe weather results in 40% increase in potholes

16 February 2009Don't hit the slopes without cover warns AA Travel Insurance

16 February 2009Two thirds of child car seats not fitted correctly

6 February 2009'Tax on work' could cost £3.4 billion

5 February 2009AA Home Insurance warns of high cost of frozen pipe claims

5 February 2009Road safety crisis - lack of salt endagering lives on local roads

30 January 2009Prepare for icy blast - AA warns unprepared drivers of hypothermia risk

30 January 2009Half of UK motorists think that there are too many road signs

29 January 20092008 - highlights of the AA's year

27 January 2009"Don't front a disaster!" AA Insurance warns Corrie's Tara

20 January 2009AA supports tough new powers to combat uninsured drivers

17 January 2009Free driver training to reduce teenage road carnage

17 January 2009Latest AA quarterly insurance premium index

16 January 2009AA home insurance highlights £15m claims bill following big freeze

13 January 2009Flying cars - beware car park barriers

3 January 2009Parking at dropped kerbs