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27 December 2008Sat-nav is favourite for more than half of AA Members

The sat-nav seems to be the must-have device for drivers this Christmas. Two-fifths of AA members polled already have one and 54% of these believe it to be the best device they have ever had in their car, according to a new AA Populus poll of 7380 members.

24 December 2008Stories from the AA Insurance claims team

'Tis the season to be silly - and some of the claims people make when they make a claim to their insurance company do bring a seasonal smile. In time-honoured tradition, here are a few that have brought a smile to AA Insurance claims staff when they get a telephone call from customers in distress.

24 December 2008Driving home for Christmas

Almost one third (29%) of drivers would drive up to 100 miles to avoid staying with family and friends over Christmas according to an AA Populus poll of 7,388 members. Almost ten per cent of males (9%) specifically said that they would drive in order to avoid an overnight stay with their in-laws.

19 December 2008Sat-nav tops AA's motoring Christmas gift wish list

A sat-nav system is top of the wish list in the AA motoring Christmas gift list compiled from a survey of 7,380 AA Populus Panel members. A nodding father Christmas, for the car's back shelf, was the least most wanted item.

17 December 2008Fuel price falls to twentyone-month low

UK average petrol prices have fallen to their lowest for more than 21 months yet a third of UK families are cutting back even further than when fuel prices were at record highs, according to the latest mid-monthly AA Fuel Price Report.

16 December 2008Christmas travel advice

Weather and the recession are expected to keep people off the roads this Christmas as AA research shows that almost a fifth of people who travelled over Christmas last year have decided to change their plans and stay at home for Christmas 2008.

12 December 2008Christmas parking not for faint hearts

Two-thirds of drivers have told the AA that stress from Christmas shopping in town starts before they even get out of the car. One in six (16%) who drive to shopping centres in the run-up to Christmas say that finding a parking space at this time of year gets them seriously wound up.

11 December 2008AA Insurance predicts a 'thief's recession' this Christmas

It's not just Britain's workers that will feel the effects of the Credit Crunch this Christmas. Britain's burglars are facing an economic downturn too with AA Insurance predicting there will be fewer insurance claims for theft this Christmas than in previous years.

10 December 2008AA calls for urgent action on drug-driving

Over 50,000 drivers a year would fail roadside 'drugalyzer' tests if such devices were being used by UK police forces, while according to a poll of 17,500 AA Populus panel members, half of drivers believe that drug driving is a more common and serious problem than drink driving.

9 December 2008Is it the end of the road for road pricing?

Is it the end of the road for road pricing? Two thirds of motorists say that they would not use proposed high occupancy toll (HOT) lanes, according to the AA president addressing The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) seminar on road pricing today.

5 December 200850 years of British motorways

On 5 December 1958, the day the 8 mile Preston bypass opened, the AA was ready to help motorists. Robert Gornall was the AA's first motorway patrol and he was on duty on the Preston bypass (now the M6) from day one – he even attended the opening ceremony. Robert recalls that in those early motorway days, when there was no speed limit or hard shoulder, things were very different when it came to dealing with breakdowns.

4 December 2008'Frosting'- cold spell brings increase in car crime

The recent cold spell has brought an increase in the car crime of "frosting" and "car jacking" warns the AA. This week car thieves in Glasgow, Manchester, Leeds, West Midlands, Northamptonshire and Berkshire have been on the look-out to steal cars left unoccupied with the engine running as the owner tries to de-frost the windows.

1 December 2008AA insurance warns of thieves targeting christmas shoppers

'Grinch'-style thieves are preying on cash-strapped Christmas shoppers by breaking into parked cars and stealing their presents, according to AA Insurance.

28 November 2008Fifth anniversary of mobile phone law

Monday sees the fifth anniversary of it becoming illegal to drive while using a hand-held mobile phone and, although the message must have been heard by drivers, many can still be seen on the phone, says the AA.

24 November 2008AA response to the pre-budget statement

Plans to increase VED by a maximum of £5 in each band was welcomed by the AA. Edmund King, said: "We believe Government plans to delay the massive hikes in VED is welcome. However this still seems like a temporary reprieve or a "short-term tonic".

20 November 2008Crackdown on speeding and drug-driving

19 November 2008Roadside Roulette - false economy of driving without breakdown cover

18 November 2008Falling petrol price sets huge new record

18 November 2008What is the ultimate driving song?

14 November 2008Whiplash injury claims add £66 to every motor insurance policy

13 November 2008AA supporting safer Winter journeys road safety campaign in Scotland

11 November 2008Fuel tax lure too great for Chancellor, drivers believe

8 November 2008Who would make the perfect passenger?

6 November 2008AA launches on-line life insurance calculator

31 October 2008Commute Smart week – Flexible working makes fridays not so fatal

30 October 2008AA salutes its youngest 'recruit'

30 October 2008AA warns of increased risk of car theft on frosty mornings

27 October 2008Supermarket competition drives petrol prices below £1 a litre

23 October 200820 percent decline in traffic police in a decade

22 October 2008Worst European road signs redefine the term 'spaghetti junction'

21 October 2008AA Patrols help support the children's magical taxi tour

21 October 2008AA calls on Government to help motorists in pre-budget

20 October 2008Latest AA British Insurance Premium Index

20 October 2008October fuel prices - prices collapse faster than record rise in June

15 October 2008Clamp down on foreign registered vehicles avoiding road tax

14 October 2008AA response to local authorities switching off street lights

10 October 2008AA Life Insurance wins Moneyfacts award

8 October 20081 in 4 don't understand meaning of road signs

8 October 2008AA President enters MPG marathon

1 October 2008AA launches dedicated repair and recovery vans for motorbikes

30 September 2008Warning triangle/reflective jacket – rules in France now enforceable with fines

26 September 2008AA wins GreenFleet award – Breakdown/Recovery Company of the Year

25 September 2008AA response to latest road casualty figures – Human error or deliberate error

25 September 2008AA/Populus – one in five have recently run out of fuel

19 September 2008High petrol costs set to spark car sharing trend

19 September 2008Beating the credit crunch – AA guide to cutting the cost of your motoring

17 September 2008Oil prices not reflected at the pumps as political pressure grows

15 September 2008AA/Populus – park and ride

12 September 2008'Del Boy' challenge – patrols restore a Reliant at Beaulieu

5 September 2008Tour of Britain Cycle Race – AA patrols keep top cyclists on the road

5 September 2008Car carnage takes a back seat to other teenage risks

1 September 2008Stupid Aid – AA highlights stupid driving regulations and stupid driving

29 August 2008School reconnaissance could save your 12 year old's life

29 August 2008AA/Populus - 50% support controlled use of the hardshoulder as a running lane

27 August 2008AA Insurance warns of increase in Catalytic converter and fuel theft

19 August 2008August bank holiday travel advice

18 August 2008Is it now time to outlaw the cowboy clampers?

15 August 2008August fuel price report - Average UK petrol car driver short-changed £1 a tank

15 August 2008Careless drivers who kill - AA response to new laws

14 August 2008AA/Populus - third of uk drivers risk dying in a road tunnel fire

13 August 2008AA Driving School - left handers are best drivers

7 August 2008Car traffic falls 2% - AA members let bus and train take the strain

4 August 2008AA response to Environmental Audit Committee Report on VED

4 August 2008AA Populus Panel - some love the car more than the wife

2 August 2008AA Populus Panel members don't support going metric on the roads

31 July 2008AA extends two-wheeled operations - Motorbike patrols now operating in six major cities

28 July 2008AA Populus Panel-three quarters affected by high cost of fuel

25 July 200882% agree that road tax is being used as a stealth tax

24 July 2008AA tops Which? breakdown provider survey

16 July 2008Fuel price rises level off at last as Chancellor drops 2p duty rise

16 July 2008AA Response to Government's roads programme update

15 July 2008British Insurance Premium Index – insurance premiums resume upward trend

15 July 2008AA Populus – cycling motorists

15 July 2008AA comment - new sentencing guidelines

15 July 2008AA comment - speed cameras

14 July 2008The most unusual AA breakdown ever?

11 July 2008AA Insurance welcomes flood risk agreement

3 July 2008AA Populus Panel – green driver survey

2 July 2008AA Personal Loans – Travel Survey

2 July 2008Top ten travel tips from the AA and Port of Dover

26 June 2008Latest road casualty figures published

25 June 2008Diesel breaks through £6-gallon

24 June 2008AA members don't think that any of the three main political parties are "motorist friendly"

20 June 2008AA introduces cycle-based breakdown patrols at Wimbledon

18 June 2008June fuel price report - record diesel

16 June 2008Tanker driver strike begins to have greater impact and causes confusion at the pumps

12 June 2008Petrol queues cost drivers £1000s

11 June 2008Midlands is Caravan Bermuda Triangle

10 June 2008Electronic Stability Control - dealer survey results

9 June 2008Manchester transport boost - AA response

3 June 2008AA/Populus Panel – road condition is worse than a decade ago

30 May 2008AA/Populus Panel – fix the roads not the drivers

22 May 2008Petrol hike costs bank holiday travellers £110 million

21 May 2008Diesel prices have risen by their highest margin this century

21 May 2008AA Home Start from Home

16 May 2008Mobile phone offenders face hidden £5.4m cost

16 May 2008Deer road crashes - dos and don'ts

9 May 2008Cost of motoring rises 11 per cent

2 May 2008Champions League travel advice

2 May 2008May bank holiday travel advice

28 April 2008AA members don't trust government to deliver fair road pricing

23 April 2008UK drivers kept in the dark over tunnel safety

23 April 2008Grangemouth strike - AA comment/advice

22 April 2008Taking to the racetrack- AA launches Caterham Roadsports Challenge Team

21 April 2008AA members call for cut to drink drive limit - first results from AA/Populus panel

17 April 2008UK fuel price misery with £5 gallon round the corner

17 April 2008Insurance premiums stall - AA Index finds

16 April 2008AA Travel Insurance Supports BA Customers

16 April 2008Cut traffic queues to cut CO2

8 April 2008Mucky Motorists Urged to Clean up Their Acts

3 April 2008AA Patrols get on two wheels to improve service to members

31 March 2008New Parking Rules - 10 Commandments for Local Authorities

18 March 2008Easter weekend cracks up over school holidays

15 March 2008Traffic cones come out of hibernation

12 March 2008AA Budget Response

11 March 2008AA Budget Brief

10 March 2008Reduced mileage allowances will threaten vulnerable patients

7 March 2008AA questions Government on "missing" transport funds

4 March 2008Motorway hard-shoulder running extended - AA response

28 February 2008Parents moonlight as Unofficial Taxi Drivers - and lose a potential £3,000 chauffeuring kids