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Canny drivers can save at the pumps

19 November 2009

With fuel prices set to pass £5 per gallon before Christmas1 the new AA Credit Card could help to ease the pain for drivers, especially if they are also AA members2.

The card offers reward points on all purchases and as the 'motorist's credit card', it offers double reward points on motoring purchases including fuel, even from supermarkets. AA Members earn points twice as fast and can use them to take 1% cash back on fuel purchased on the card.

Mark Huggins, Director of AA Financial Services says: "We can do little to control the price of petrol and diesel but we urge drivers to keep their eyes open for the cheapest pump prices as supermarkets may not be the cheapest option this christmas.

"AA members could not only save a penny or two per litre at the pumps by shopping around, but also gain double points by paying with their AA Credit Card."

AA Reward Points can be used on a wide range of products and services including AA products, motoring and travel essentials, shopping vouchers, days out or even cash back.


1110p per litre is the equivalent of £5 per gallon. Average UK petrol prices have risen to 108.69p per litre (as at 18 November), having previously peaked at 107.14p per litre on 27 October. Diesel is also at a new high, 109.97p per litre.

2AA Credit Card earn rates:
- AA Credit Card: 1 point per £1 on motoring purchases including fuel, 1 point per £2 on other purchases
- AA Member Credit Card: 2 points per £1 on motoring purchases including fuel, 1 point per £1 on other purchases

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