Notify Your Insurer

After an accident

It is almost certainly a condition of your insurance policy that you notify your insurers as soon as possible after an accident. However, to be certain check your policy documents. If so, you will need to tell them regardless of whether or not you intend making a claim under your policy, or the type of cover you have.

If the policy is for comprehensive risks then the damage should be covered subject to the terms and conditions of the policy. You don't need to claim from your insurers, but if repair costs are high or your car is a write-off, then you may want to, because you could recover the repair costs or market value far more quickly; although your 'no claims' discount may be affected.

However, if the cover is for third party or third party, fire and theft risks only, then accidental damage to your vehicle, except perhaps for damage caused by the fire or theft of the car, is not covered.

When making a claim from your own insurers you should follow their instructions for making a claim, which you will normally find in the policy itself or, occasionally, in a separate document.