Car Sickness Tips

Hints for a nausea-free journey

These tips are for passengers only and should not be attempted by the driver of the vehicle.

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Relax, and stay as still as possible in a reclined position – close your eyes if you can


If you must have your eyes open – focus on the horizon. For young children, sitting higher up in a car will help so install a secure booster

Fresh air

Keep a flow of fresh air moving through the car at all times


Aroma in the car can heighten feelings of sickness, so don't have any strong smelling food or air freshener

Avoid funny food

Try to eat lighter, healthier meals when you're travelling – fatty, heavy meals and dairy-based products are difficult to digest


If you start to feel sick, use a relaxation technique, such as controlling your breathing

Take a break

Try to plan your route to include regular stops at parks and outdoor picnic areas rather than busy service stations

Look up

Reading and playing hand held video games will take your focus off the horizon so you're more likely to start feeling sick

Switch on the stereo

And listen to the TravelWell CD, a simple audio programme that has been created from a unique blend of music, specific frequencies and pulses to cure the symptoms of travel sickness. Tried and tested by Dr Gresty, this CD really does work!

Don't get caught out

If all else fails, make sure you've got a sick bag handy!

All tips have been approved by Dr Michael A Gresty (BA, PhD), leading motion sickness specialist, Imperial College, London

For further information about the travelwell CD, visit the website (link opens a new window) or call 0845 601 1948 / 0870 850 6000