Making changes to your policy

Life insurance is taken out over a period of years and gets more expensive the older you are. It can make sense to take out a policy sooner rather than later. However, your life insurance needs now and your needs in several years can be quite different. That's why AA Life Insurance, provided by Legal & General, gives you the option to change your cover as your circumstances change.

Increasing your cover

At different points in your life you may want to increase the amount of cover that you have – if you already have a policy and decide to move house, increasing your mortgage, or for example, if you decide to start a family.

AA Life Insurance policies come with a 'Guaranteed Insurability Option' that allows you to increase your cover as easily as possible. If you decide to use this option you won't need to go through any more health questions or medical assessments.

You can increase your cover within six months of the following life events:

  • birth of a child or legal adoption of a child
  • you get married or enter into a registered civil partnership
  • you receive a salary increase due to a new job or promotion
  • you increase your mortgage because you're moving home or undertaking major home improvements

You can choose to increase your cover up to a maximum of 50% of the initial sum that you chose, on multiple occasions, or to a maximum of £150,000.

If you are increasing the amount based on a mortgage increase, then it is also limited to the increase of your mortgage or the increase of your salary.

If you want to increase your cover because you are now on a higher salary, this is calculated as the percentage increase in salary multiplied by the amount of cover.

The option to increase your cover can be used three times in total over the length of your policy, but only once in respect of marriage or a registered civil partnership. The maximum total increase permitted is £200,000.

Am I eligible?

To take advantage of this offer to increase your cover, you must take your plan out before your 45th birthday and Legal & General cannot have applied a premium increase to your cover. If you choose to use the option
Legal & General will not ask any more medical questions. This is subject to terms and conditions, and prices at the time of the increase will apply.

If you don't use the Guaranteed Insurability Option

You can still change your cover if you have a policy, just give Legal & General a call and ask to change one of the following:

  • the policy length
  • your amount of cover
  • switch from a joint policy into a single one
  • the way you pay your premiums (either monthly to annually, or vice versa).

You can also separate a joint life policy into two single life ones if you divorce, dissolve a registered civil partnership or change a joint mortgage into a new name.

Note that these changes could affect your premiums, and we will assess any change you request based on your circumstances at the time.