Home buyer's checklist

Ask the right questions with our viewing checklist

First impressions count when you're buying a new home, but our handy 'Home buyer's checklist' will be a helpful reminder of what else to look for when viewing a property.

Asking the right questions before you put in an offer can improve your bargaining position. It can also give you a better idea of any work you may need to do when you move in, which can help to avoid unexpected bills for emergency repairs.

The Home buyer's checklist provides practical advice on what to look for in the following key areas:

  • central heating and radiators
  • electrics and alarms
  • windows and doors
  • household pests
  • roof and loft
  • drains
  • damp

Home buyer's checklist

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Even if you've done your homework on a property things can still go wrong, so it makes sense to protect your home against unexpected household emergencies.

Home Membership from the AA gives you 24-hour access to a network of expert tradesmen who can help you with a wide range of heating and home emergencies, and with routine repairs too.

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