International Driving Permit

Applying for an IDP by post

you can apply for an IDP by post to the AA

you can apply for an IDP by post to the AA

If it's not convenient for you to get to a post office, you can apply for an IDP by post to the AA.

Print off an application form and complete the details. Then send it to the AA address shown on the form, including your payment and the relevant documents (see detailed notes below and the checklist on the form).

How to apply


Download an application form (pdf)


1. Your driving licence or pass certificate & provisional licence

  • If a photocard licence you must copy both sides of the card. A clear copy must be provided.
  • The photocard must be valid – check the expiry date shown at 4b. on the front of the card.
  • Alternatively you may send a copy of your UK practical pass certificate (valid for two years from the date of your test) together with a copy of your provisional licence.

Search fee

If you can't supply a copy of your full UK driving licence (or of your practical test pass certificate and provisional licence) please enclose an additional £4.00 search fee with your remittance as we will need to check your driving entitlement. This search procedure is not available to holders of Northern Ireland Licences who must contact their issuing authority direct.

WE CANNOT ACCEPT A LICENCE CHECK CODE TO ACCESS YOUR DRIVER RECORD.  The search fee must be paid if you can't provide a copy of your licence/pass certificate.

2. Passport photograph

  • A recent passport sized photograph on photographic paper – signed by you on the back and showing full face against a light background. (see photograph checklist on the application form).
  • If both types of permit are required please include two photographs as well as two fees (£8.50 per permit) with your application.

3. Photocopy of your passport

  • A photocopy of the page(s) of your passport showing your photograph and identification details.

4. Self-addressed envelope

  • If your permit is being returned to a UK address, enclose a stamped self-addressed envelope unless you're paying the UK secure post fee – C5 (229mm x 162mm) preferred.  Please don’t send padded or A4 envelopes.

5. Original signed application form

  • You must enclose an original signed application form – licence holder's signature only.
  • We cannot accept completed applications that have been photocopied, emailed or faxed.

6. Appropriate fee

You must enclose the appropriate fee which is a minimum of £8.50 per permit – statutory charge of £5.50 plus £3.00 postal application processing fee.

Processing fee

  • Due to administration costs all postal applications must include a £3.00 postal application processing fee per permit.
  • Your application may take at least 10 working days.

Priority fee

  • If you require your application to be processed quickly – within five working days of receipt – an urgent service is avaiable for fast processing.
  • Please enclose an additional £4.00 priority fee and mark the envelope in which you send your application "PRIORITY IDP"

Plastic holder

  • An optional plastic holder for the IDP is available at an additional cost of £1.00.

UK Secure Post

  • IDPs will normally be returned to the UK in the stamped, addressed envelope sent with your application.
  • If you want your permit(s) to be returned by secure, tracked next working day post (part of Scotland might take 2 working days) please don't stamp your envelope but do enclose an additional £7.00. A signature will be required at the delivery address.
  • The use of this service, which is independent of Royal Mail, is optional.


  • All mail to BFPO addresses will be returned by standard first class mail, even if the return address is located outside of the United Kingdom. No additional postage charges need be paid.

Overseas mail

  • You need to enclose a self-addressed envelope. No stamp.
  • For all permits to be returned to an overseas address, an additional postage fee of £7.00 (or courier fee of £26.00) is payable.
  • A signature may be required for items returned to an address outside Europe, the USA and Canada.

Overseas courier

  • You need to enclose a self-addressed envelope. No stamp.
  • If you require your permit to be returned to an overseas address by courier it is mandatory that an overseas contact telephone number is provided on the application form.
  • An additional fee of £26.00 is payable if you want the permit returned to an overseas address by courier.
  • Additional charges may be applicable dependent upon the delivery/country area.

Method of payment

  • Cheques and postal orders should be made payable to "Automobile Association".
  • Bank drafts and payment cards (credit/charge/debit) are not accepted for these transactions.

Before you post your application

  • Check that you have signed and completed the application form in full, attached the supporting documentary evidence and enclosed the correct payment.

Download an application form (pdf)


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(updated 6 October 2016)