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Thursley National Nature Reserve


Thursley NNR is one of the largest remaining fragments of a once extensive area of heathland in Surrey. The reserve includes large areas of open dry heathland, peat bogs, ponds, pine and deciduous woodlands, home to a thriving and varied wildlife. Common heather (or 'ling') and bell heather are the dominant species in the areas of dry heath, which is home to ground-nesting birds such as stonechat and woodlark. Many reptiles also favour this habitat, and at Thursley all six native species can be found. The silver-studded blue butterfly is also found here. The valley mire or bog supports plants such as sphagnum mosses and plants and the carnivorous sundew, alongside the displays of early marsh orchid in the early summer. Later in the summer the delicate yellow flowers of the bog asphodel come into bloom. The open ponds and ditches are home to the bog raft spider and over 20 different species of dragonflies and damselflies. These insects attract the attention of the summer visiting bird of prey, the hobby.

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Thursley National Nature Reserve

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