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The AA's new Reward Plus credit card is now available for anyone
24 October 2011

Previously exclusive to AA members, the AA's Rewards Plus card is now available for everyone. Responding to AA customer research, the card is designed to help drivers manage their petrol and diesel buying as well as earn cash back on everything else they buy. At a time when petrol and diesel prices have risen by around 20p per litre over a year, sales have slumped because of high prices.
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AA Credit Card can help ease New Year fuel price pain
23 December 2010

The cost of petrol and diesel fuel has reached a record high, with petrol costing on average 15.32p and diesel 17.79p per litre more than in December last year, before the January price rises according to AA Financial Services. The New Year sees a further leap with the cost of a litre of unleaded petrol rising by a further 3.5p with increases in both fuel duty and VAT from 4 January.
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Act now to avoid VAT rise
21 December 2010

Early Christmas sales at major retailers brought on by the freezing weather coupled with the VAT rise on 4 January makes the pre-New Year period the perfect time to buy, according to AA Financial Services. Pessimistic reports from many retailers coupled with the wintry weather suggest that retail sales are down compared with last year. As a result there are some real bargains on the High Street.
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AA Credit Card helps reduce fuel duty pain
3 November 2010

With rising fuel prices on the horizon again, the AA's Credit Card can help keep the cost of motoring in check. The card offers a market-leading reward points scheme that can earn a return of up to 4% for AA Members, when points earned on motoring or fuel spending are redeemed on AA products. No other standard credit card offers this generous rate of return.
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AA Credit Card deal extended to all online customers
13 May 2010

From Thursday 13 May, all successful online applications for the AA Credit Card benefit from a leading 0% for 10 months on all purchases, including motoring and fuel, and 0% for 12 months on balance transfers (transfers to be made within 90 days of the account opening, 3% handling fee applies).

This deal was previously only available on comparison sites and is now offered directly at The card also offers reward points each time holders spend on the card.
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Swappage after scrappage – but don't pay too much, says AA Financial Services
12 May 2010

Car 'swappage' has taken over from car 'scrappage' and there are good deals to be done with car dealers, many offering £2,000 or more to take decade-old cars in exchange for a new one. But many buyers may be purchasing their first-ever brand new car, and are not used to the tactics employed by car sales staff, especially when selling finance. For instance, dealer finance often quotes 'flat' interest rather than APR as required by law. The full story is here, including some 'do' and 'don't' tips.
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Kids cost parent taxi-drivers dear says AA Financial Services
19 April 2010

Parents of school-age children face a big hike in the annual cost of transporting their youngsters to and from school and school-related activities as the price of fuel continues to soar. On average, parent 'taxi-drivers' clock up around 2,000 miles every year, according to new findings from AA Financial Services.
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New, exclusive AA credit card offer through
11 February 2010

AA Financial Services is from today offering one of the best credit card deals on the market –
a new, exclusive offer through Britain's number one comparison site
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AA Car Purchase Index shows more cars being bought – but buyers spending less
19 January 2010

Drivers seem to be a little more confident about car buying during 2010 than a year ago, but are planning to spend less, according to the latest Car Purchase Index (CPI) published by AA Financial Services.
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Mitigate new-year VAT rise at the pumps by earning points, says AA Financial Services
10 December 2009

From 1 January, VAT will return to 17.5% from its temporary 15%, adding about 2.36p per litre for petrol and 2.4p per litre for diesel, based on current average fuel prices.*

A further tax hike will again increase the price of petrol by at least 1p per litre next April. This was announced by the Chancellor at the last budget, when he said that fuel duty would rise by 1p per litre in real terms on 1 April each year from 2010 to 2013. This was confirmed in his pre-budget statement.
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Canny drivers can save at the pumps, says AA Financial Services
19 November 2009

With fuel prices set to pass £5 per gallon before Christmas*, the new AA Credit Card could help to ease the pain for drivers, especially if they're also AA Members**.

The card offers reward points on all purchases, and as the 'motorist's credit card' it offers double reward points on motoring purchases including fuel, even from supermarkets. AA Members earn points twice as fast, and can use them to take 1% cashback on fuel purchased with the card.
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AA launches best-buy, rewards credit card
27 October 2009

Britons have an enduring love affair with loyalty points, according to new research from AA Financial Services, which launches the new AA Credit Card on Tuesday 27 October. The new AA Credit Card offers reward points on all card purchases, and customers can earn double points on motoring purchases, fuel and AA products at a rate of 0% interest for the first 12 months.
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