Performance car insurance

Insurance tips for owners of high performance cars

Keeping costs down

As you may already know buying your dream car can be costly. But don't worry, we have useful information that can help reduce the cost of your car insurance premium.


Check the specification

Claims statistics show that high performance cars often result in more frequent insurance claims. Therefore, a vehicle that's built for speed is likely to be in a high car insurance group.

Why not compare similar models – you may find that some are in a lower group, saving you money and attracting lower premiums when getting quotes from insurers.

Consider the cost of repairing your car, it's worth researching before buying. If the parts are hard to find or the repairs are complicated and time-consuming, maybe consider purchasing a different car?

Just remember - acceleration, top speed and the cost of repairs are all considered when the Motor Insurance Repair Research Centre (Thatcham Research) carries out tests for the recommendation of car insurance groups.

Reduce the mileage

We know it's hard, but try and resist driving your car all the time. This will reduce the annual mileage, and you might be offered a lower insurance premium.

Car security

High performance cars can attract unwanted attention so it's important to keep your vehicle secure, ideally in a locked garage at night. Also, improving security can help reduce the cost of your insurance.

Your insurance company can advise which approved anti-theft devices to fit – tracking devices and immobilisers are likely to attract discounts. A tracking device is a good investment if you consider your car to be irreplaceable.

Driving safely

Performance cars are built for speed, but remember to drive carefully and within the speed limit. A motoring conviction is likely to increase the cost of your insurance.

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