Repair cover terms & conditions

If you've added it to your breakdown cover

Cover for vehicle repair bills and parts

This booklet is split into 2 parts and sets out the Terms & Conditions of the contracts that make up your AA Breakdown Repair Cover:

- AA Breakdown Repair Cover Policy;

- and AA Membership Arrangement and Administration Contract.

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Current Terms and Conditions

If you bought after 1 September 2013

Breakdown Repair Cover – 1 September 2013 policy document (PDF)

Existing Members

The version depends on when you bought the policy. If you're a new Member or renewed a policy after 1 Septeber 2013, then you need the current version. If you bought or renewed before then, please refer below.

If you bought after 22 October 2012 or renewed between 15 December 2012 and 31 August 2013

Breakdown Repair Cover – 22 October 2012 policy document (PDF)