Are We Nearly There Yet?

Are we nearly there yet?

Car games for kids

Are you going on a long journey with the kids? If you are, try out a few of our car games. They'll make the hours fly by and keep everyone smiling. And if you're really lucky, they might even save you from the constant question – "Are we nearly there yet?".

Our games are simple to play and need nothing more than the instructions, imagination and a little piece of luck. Just download and print them now.

Keep the beat - link opens a new window
Keep the beat

Here's a simple game that's perfect for every pop prince and princess. All you need is a car stereo and tip-top singing voices.

Download the game
Big sing-along - link opens a new window
Big sing-along

A great game for every budding performer – and it keeps the brain cells sharp too. Nothing could be easier?

Download the game
Who's next door? - link opens a new window
Who's next door?

Traffic jams – we all get stuck in them. And there's no situation more likely to make the kids restless. So try this little game of nosey neighbours.

Download the game
We all went shopping - link opens a new window
We all went shopping

It's an old classic – but guaranteed to get the grey cells in a twizzle.

Download the game
Number plate game - link opens a new window
Number plate game

Kids love making up stories. So try this game to spark their imaginations

Download the game
Name that tune - link opens a new window
Name that tune

Kids love making music – well, noise. So here's the perfect game to help them refine their talents and improve their ear for a tune. All you need are your hands and something to tap.

Download the game
Keep the beat - link opens a new window
Arms and legs

Driving around the UK there's one thing you're guaranteed to see on every journey – the great British pub. But this game doesn't mean stopping off. In fact, it gets more fun the further you go.

Download the game
Keep the beat - link opens a new window
Car bingo

It's bingo, captain – but not as we know it. Everyone can play bingo, It's simple to grasp and fun to play. And so here's a car-friendly version.

Download the game

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