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AA Time Machine

Turn back time with these historical maps

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AA Time Machine

Have you ever wanted to see what your town was like in the past? Now you can with the AA/Cassini Time Machine app. This app allows you to travel back in time by seeing Great Britain maps from the past.

Map tiles available for the present day, 1940s, 1920s, 1890s and early-mid 1800s

The app comes with enough credits to download four historical map tiles for the area you choose.

What you get with Time Machine app

  • download Cassini historical map tiles for anywhere in Great Britain
  • time travel by using the slider to change the mapping from 1800s to the present day
  • search for a historical map by town name, postcode, or use your GPS location
  • see your current GPS location on an old historical map
  • view up-to-date street level maps
  • you can purchase additional historical maps for anywhere in Britain

Available on the iphone

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