AA Drivescore

AA Drivescore

Rate your driving with our free 'try before you buy' telematic app

Reduce your premium

So you've just got your new car insurance quote – and can't believe the high premium.

With the free AA Drivescore app you can test not only how good a driver you really are, but also see how much you could reduce your car insurance premium.

Drivescore – welcome to telematics

The free AA Drivescore app introduces you to the world of 'telematics' – devices that can analyse your driving and give a score based on how well you drive.

Telematic devices are increasingly being used to allow drivers to reduce their car insurance premiums. With AA Drivesafe – the AA's own telematic car insurance – our customers are getting back around £450 each on their car insurance based on how they drive.

Try before you buy – use the Drivescore app to see how well you're driving.

How does Drivescore work?

It's fun and easy to use – open the app as you’re about to drive off on each journey and just press 'Start'. Press 'Stop' at the end of each trip.

After 200 miles worth of data has been collected you'll get an overall driving score, and we can also tell you how much you could save on your premium with an AA Drivesafe insurance policy.

We reckon you'll be pleasantly surprised at how good a driver you are.

Challenge friends and family

You know those people who think they're a better driver than you – challenge them to prove it by downloading the app and see how well they score.

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