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AA Breakdown Standby

Pay-as-you-go roadside assistance

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Pay-as-you-go roadside assistance

Want to avoid hefty garage call-out costs but only pay for assistance as and when you need it? The AA Breakdown Standby App may be for you…

For just the App price, you can register for AA Breakdown Standby, a pay-for-use AA Membership which provides access to Roadside Assistance for a fixed fee of £80 each time you need it.

Terms and Conditions apply to Breakdown Standby and Roadside Assistance. Please ensure you read these in full before purchasing this app by visiting here.

Main Features of AA Breakdown Standby App (only available after registering your details)

  • AA Breakdown Standby Membership with access to AA Rewards
  • A unique ‘virtual’ AA Membership card within your app
  • Access to AA Roadside Assistance if you are broken down more than ¼ mile from home. If we can’t fix your vehicle, we can tow it with you and up to 7 passengers to the nearest suitable repairer
  • Assistance is available to you as a driver or passenger in any eligible vehicle. Just show your Virtual Membership card and another form of ID each time assistance is requested
  • AA Breakdown Standby provides AA Membership and access to Roadside Assistance for the fixed fee for a period of 12 months from the date that you register through the app

Important: you must pay the fixed fee each time you want to access Roadside Assistance, otherwise you will not be eligible for assistance.

Any users who are experiencing difficulties updating or downloading this app should email the AA on appsupport@theaa.com

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