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Recall: No. 7 of 9
Recall Ref: R/2011/090
Exact Model: Yaris
VIN: VNKJH963#OA138722 to JNKJH963#OA185554, VNKJC963#OA250032 to VNKJC963#OA250032, VNKKH963#0A138299 to VNKKH963#OA185672, VNKJG963#OA283518 to VNKJG963#OA319880, VNKKG963#OA283044 to VNKKG963#OA319892, VNKKC963#OA250032 to VNKKC963#OA269956
Build Date: 12 Apr 2010 to 4 Jan 2011
Numbers: 10587
Defect: Due to the improper installation of the left A-pillar trim there ia a possibility that the trim may become detached when the curtain shield airbag would deploy during a crash. If this happens, the loose garnish could injure the LH seat occupant of the vehicle.
Action: Inspection of the installation and repair if needed.
Launch Date: 13 September 2011
Recall: No. 8 of 9
Recall Ref: R/2007/073
Exact Model:
Description: Seating headrests may detach & airbag may not deploy sufficiently in an impact
VIN: VNKKG9#3#0A001018 to VNKKG9#3#0A032844, VNKJL9#3#0A013738 to VNKJL9#3#0A090052, NMKKC9#3#0A001024 to NMKKC9#3#0A046882, VNKJC9#3#0A008629 to VNKJC9#3#0A046881, VNKJG9#3#0A002425 to VNKJG9#3#0A032787, VNKKL9#3#0A001022 to VNKKL9#3#0A090056
Build Date:
Numbers: 19075
Defect: It has been identified that the following seat defects may occur: a. Front and rear seats the locking performance of the headrest may be insufficient during an impact and may cause ejection of the headrest from the seat back. b. Front seats only The reliability of the side airbag deployment on the front seats may be insufficient during an impact and may not offer the protection intended.
Action: Recalled vehicles will have the following remedial actions performed: The rear seat headrest guide springs and buttons will be replaced; the front seat headrest supports will be replaced, and the front seat back pads and covers will be replaced.
Launch Date: 16 May 2007
Recall: No. 9 of 9
Recall Ref: R2000/029
Exact Model:
Build Date: January 1999 to January 2000
Numbers: 19639
Defect: There is a possibility that, under certain conditions, when applying the brakes hard and suddenly, as in a panic situation, a locking of the rear wheels may occur. The vehicle handling will then become unstable.
Action: Recall affected vehicles and replace brake proportioning valve with a modified type.
Launch Date: 14 March 2000

Manufacturer contact details:
Toyota (GB) Ltd
The Quadrangle, Redhill, Surrey, RH11 1PX
(01737) 768 585


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