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Recall: No. 7 of 9
Recall Ref: R/2004/165
Exact Model:
Description: Incorrect nut installed into rear subframe
VIN: SALLNABE13A286419 to SALLNABG23A289164
Build Date:
Numbers: 130
Defect: M12 weld nuts have been incorrectly installed by a body panel supplier into the rear sub-frame mountings instead of the correct M14 weld nuts. A bolt that locates the frame to the body did not fit into this nut and was not installed at the vehicle assembly plant. Lack of this bolt could eventually cause the sub-frame to crack and become deformed. A deformed sub-frame could potentially lead to instability of the vehicle
Action: Recall the vehicles that may be affected and inspect the subframe fixing for fitment and correct clamping. If an incorrect sub-frame fixing is identified, the sub-frame will be removed and the body panel will be repaired with a new weld nut.
Launch Date: 12 January 2005
Recall: No. 8 of 9
Recall Ref: R/2004/076
Exact Model:
Description: Possibility of the left hand child lock disengaging
VIN: SALLNABE82A00225225 to SALLNABE82A00238171
Build Date:
Numbers: 2942
Defect: It has been identified that if the left hand rear door is repeatedly operated with the chold lock engaged, disengagement of the lock can occur. This will allow the door to be opened from the inside, when it is believed to be locked. This is due to the incorrect setting of the hot melt riveting machine.
Action: Recall all the affected vehicles and replace the left hand rear door lock with a quality assured component.
Launch Date: 11 August 2004
Recall: No. 9 of 9
Recall Ref: R1998/80
Exact Model:
VIN: LN600471 TO LN 622408
Build Date: 1 June 1997 to 1 June 1998
Numbers: 10477
Defect: Land Rover have identified a weld integrity concern associated with the rear suspension links on Freelander models. Should the weld fracture, the stability of the rear hub assembly could be impaired. This may cause the vehicle to deviate from a straight line under normal driving conditions. To protect the long term integrity of these components, Land Rover are implementing recall action on all Freelander models within the affected VIN range.
Action: Recall affected vehicles and replace the rear suspension links with quality assured units.
Launch Date: 06 November 1998

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