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Recall: No. 7 of 18
Recall Ref: R/2009/129
Exact Model: C5
VIN: VF7*****540021659 to VF7******9L533135
Build Date:
Numbers: 8199
Defect: It has been identified that one of the windscreen side trims is not compliant. This may lead to the side trim moving position, and in rare cases detaching.
Action: Recalled vehicles will be checked for windscreen trim compliance. Should a non-compliance be identified, the side trims will be replaced.
Launch Date: 13 November 2009
Recall: No. 8 of 18
Recall Ref: R/2009/021
Exact Model: C5
Description: FUEL MAY LEAK
VIN: VF7******76061437 to VF7******76347350
Build Date: .
Numbers: 27
Defect: It has been identified that a batch of fuel injector pumps supplied as spare parts, may have covers manufactured from a defective material. This could cause the pump covers to develop fissures which over time, may lead to fuel leakage.
Action: Recalled vehicles will have the fuel injector pump replaced.
Launch Date: 25 February 2009
Recall: No. 9 of 18
Recall Ref: R/2010/189
Exact Model: C5
VIN: VF7******9L584065 to VF7******AL524193
Build Date: 18/12/2009 to 17/03/2010
Numbers: 957
Defect: It has been identified that due to the Non-Conformity of the handbrake adjustment system in the handbrake mechanism, it is possible that there can be a reduction in the efficiency of the parking brake.
Action: Recall all affected vehicles for the replacement of the handbrake lever mechanism.
Launch Date: 05 November 2010

Manufacturer contact details:
Citroen UK
Pinley House, 2 Sunbeam Way, Coventry, CV3 1ND


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