Euro NCAP Crash Test Results

Test results and safety ratings

Toyota Rav 4 2006

D-4D , 5-door SUV

Test Date: Jul 2006

Toyota Rav 4 crash test picture Crash Star Rating Crash Rating 4 Stars
Front-impact score
Side-impact score
Seat belt reminder
Total score
12 (75.0%)
18 (100.0%)
Pedestrian Star Rating Pedestrian Rating 3 Stars
Pedestrian-test score 21 (58.0%)

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In the first frontal test the airbags fired late owing to disconnection of a satellite airbag sensor early in the impact. Toyota re-routed the wiring to the sensor and modified the software in the control unit so that the airbags fired earlier in the event of a disconnection. Euro NCAP allowed a re-test in which the airbags fired as intended despite damage to the wiring harness. Toyota have advised Euro NCAP that these modifications will not be applied to cars already sold. The driver's knees bottomed out the knee airbag and contacted the support bracket. In the pedestrian tests no points were awarded for the protection offered by the leading edge of the bonnet. However, the performance of the bumper and the bonnet suggested that these areas have been designed with pedestrian protection in mind.

Driver head - Good
Driver neck - Good
Driver chest - Adequate
Driver abdomen
Driver right femur - Marginal Driver left femur - Marginal
Driver right lower leg - Adequate Driver left lower leg - Adequate
Driver right foot - Adequate Driver left foot - Adequate
Passenger head - Good
Passenger neck - Good
Passenger chest - Good
Passenger abdomen
Passenger right femur - Adequate Passenger left femur - Adequate
Passenger right lower leg - Adequate Passenger left lower leg - Good
Passenger right foot Passenger left foot
Side impact head - Good, Pole test - Pass
Side impact chest - Good
Side impact abdomen - Good
Side impact pelvis - Good
Green = Good Good
Yellow = Adequate Adequate
Orange = Marginal Marginal
Brown = Weak Weak
Red = Poor Poor

Rating applies from VIN JTMBA31V005012623 or JTMBA31V306022220