Euro NCAP Crash Test Results

Test results and safety ratings

Skoda Roomster 2007

1.2 HTP 'Sport' , 5-door MPV

Test Date: Dec 2006

Skoda Roomster crash test picture Crash Star Rating Crash Rating 5 Stars
Front-impact score
Side-impact score
Seat belt reminder
Total score
14 (88.0%)
18 (100.0%)
Pedestrian Star Rating Pedestrian Rating 2 Stars
Pedestrian-test score 14 (39.0%)

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In the first frontal test cables attached to the battery were damaged, shorting out the electrical supply. As a result, the seatbelt pre-tensioners failed to fire and the airbag fired late. Euro NCAP allowed Skoda to re-test the car with modifications to address these areas of concern. In the re-test, the cables were again damaged, despite Skoda's efforts to protect them, but the airbags and pre-tensioners fired as intended thanks to a re-programmed control unit and a capacitor in the circuit to the control unit and the pre-tensioners. Skoda have informed Euro NCAP that they do not intend to modify cars already sold to customers. Despite the success of some of Skoda's modifications, Euro NCAP remains concerned that all of the main electrical supply cables are so vulnerable in a frontal collision. While it is not considered a fire risk, a vehicle could be left without any of its electrical systems (hazard lights etc.) functioning after an accident. Structures in the dashboard presented a potential risk to the pelvis, femurs and knees of the driver and passengers.

Driver head - Good
Driver neck - Good
Driver chest - Adequate
Driver abdomen
Driver right femur - Marginal Driver left femur - Marginal
Driver right lower leg - Good Driver left lower leg - Good
Driver right foot - Good Driver left foot - Good
Passenger head - Good
Passenger neck - Good
Passenger chest - Good
Passenger abdomen
Passenger right femur - Adequate Passenger left femur - Marginal
Passenger right lower leg - Good Passenger left lower leg - Good
Passenger right foot Passenger left foot
Side impact head - Good, Pole test - Pass
Side impact chest - Good
Side impact abdomen - Good
Side impact pelvis - Good
Green = Good Good
Yellow = Adequate Adequate
Orange = Marginal Marginal
Brown = Weak Weak
Red = Poor Poor

Applies from VIN TMBVCB5J875025783