Euro NCAP Crash Test Results

Test results and safety ratings

Saab 900 1997

2.0i , 5 door hatch

Test Date: Aug 1997

Saab 900 crash test picture Crash Star Rating Crash Rating 1½ Stars
Front-impact score
Side-impact score
Seat belt reminder
Total score
4 (25.0%)
8 (44.0%)
Pedestrian Star Rating Pedestrian Rating 2 Stars
Pedestrian-test score Not Available

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The Saab 900 achieved a two-star front- and side-impact rating. The passenger compartment became structurally unstable and screen pillar movement was excessive following the frontal-impact test. Meanwhile, in the side-impact test, chest protection was assessed as poor. Furthermore, the presence of stiff structures in the area likely to be struck by the driver's knees during a frontal impact presented a significant risk of injury to his knees, thighs and pelvis.

Driver head - Adequate
Driver neck - Good
Driver chest - Poor
Driver abdomen
Driver right femur - Weak Driver left femur - Adequate
Driver right lower leg - Adequate Driver left lower leg - Marginal
Driver right foot - Weak Driver left foot - Weak
Passenger head - Good
Passenger neck - Good
Passenger chest - Marginal
Passenger abdomen
Passenger right femur - Good Passenger left femur - Good
Passenger right lower leg - Adequate Passenger left lower leg - Good
Passenger right foot Passenger left foot
Side impact head - Good
Side impact chest - Poor
Side impact abdomen - Weak
Side impact pelvis - Adequate
Green = Good Good
Yellow = Adequate Adequate
Orange = Marginal Marginal
Brown = Weak Weak
Red = Poor Poor

Structural modifications from Aug 97. Rating applies to cars built before 31 July 97