Euro NCAP Crash Test Results

Test results and safety ratings

Hyundai Elantra 2001

1.6 GLS , 4 door saloon

Test Date: Nov 2001

Hyundai Elantra crash test picture Crash Star Rating Crash Rating 3 Stars
Front-impact score
Side-impact score
Seat belt reminder
Total score
6 (38.0%)
14 (78.0%)
Pedestrian Star Rating Pedestrian Rating 2 Stars
Pedestrian-test score 16 (44.0%)

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The Elantra did not perform well in tests: its airbag and seat belt did not safeguard the driver adequately. What's more, his knees were also poorly protected and as a result he risked knee and leg injuries. While the Elantra's body was strong and safe around its occupants, the floor pan distorted in the frontal impact and this allowed the driver's seat to move forward and outward. This, testers concluded after inspecting the car, caused the seat belt to slacken and allowed the driver's head and chest to hit the steering wheel. Also, a door opened during the side impact, increasing risks.

Driver head - Adequate
Driver neck - Good
Driver chest - Marginal
Driver abdomen
Driver right femur - Marginal Driver left femur - Weak
Driver right lower leg - Marginal Driver left lower leg - Marginal
Driver right foot - Weak Driver left foot - Weak
Passenger head - Good
Passenger neck - Good
Passenger chest - Adequate
Passenger abdomen
Passenger right femur - Good Passenger left femur - Good
Passenger right lower leg - Adequate Passenger left lower leg - Adequate
Passenger right foot Passenger left foot
Side impact head - Good
Side impact chest - Good
Side impact abdomen - Adequate
Side impact pelvis - Good
Green = Good Good
Yellow = Adequate Adequate
Orange = Marginal Marginal
Brown = Weak Weak
Red = Poor Poor