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This set of six lessons aims to raise 14- to 16-year-old students' awareness of the opportunities, benefits and issues of car purchase and ownership. They present a number of classroom activities that are linked to car ownership and use.

The structure will allow teachers either to use a single lesson extracted from the list, or to include more, or all, of the lessons as an identifiable Citizenship or PSHE study module.

You can download detailed information on the lesson plan content, curriculum links and use in the classroom. The lesson documents are in PDF format; to view PDF pages you'll need Adobe® Reader® software on your computer. You can download this free from the Adobe® website.

Where you see this icon in these pages, it will indicate that a PDF page will open for the document, so you can read and print it. You can return to the web page from the PDF page by choosing the 'Back' button on your browser.

On the lesson pages (see links on the left), you'll see small Adobe® icons linking to a PDFs containing all the lesson documents.

 Lesson 1 – Media savvy

How media savvy are your pupils?

 Lesson 2 – Money matters

What to consider when buying a first car

 Lesson 3 – Running costs

Work out the cost of running a car

 Content and curriculum links

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