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Lesson 5 – Up your street

This lesson plan links to the following national curriculum areas:
  • PHSE NC criteria: Breadth of study: 4c, 4g, 4h
  • Citizenship: Unit 02, Crime – young people and car crime; Unit 04, How and why laws are made
  • English: Speaking: 1a, 1d, 1e; Listening: 2b; Group discussion: 3a, 3b; Writing: 1e, 1f; Breadth of study: 9b, 9c, 9d
  • Key skills: Communication; Problem-solving; Decision-making


At the end of the lesson the student will be able to:

  • Explain the impact of cars on their own local community
  • Present possible solutions to car-related problems
  • Understand the difficulties of reconciling different interest groups within their local community

Lesson summary

The impact cars have on our local communities is rising. An increasing number of big cities in the UK and throughout Europe have been forced to devise schemes to reduce traffic. There has been a congestion charge operating in London since February 2003 so that motorists have to pay a fee to get into the centre of the city. Private initiatives such as car sharing are also becoming more popular.

This lesson focuses on the relationship between driving, traffic and the local community. Students are encouraged to relate issues such as congestion to their immediate surroundings, carry out research and come up with their own solutions.

The lesson also includes safety-related issues like speeding and joyriding. For more information and activities on road safety, see
Lesson 4 – Are you roadworthy?.

Follow the link to the lesson documents on the top right.

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