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How much does it cost?

Person looking in wallet There is no set figure for the cost of learning to drive, as it varies according to the number of lessons required and the location. As a rough guide; the Driving Standards Agency research shows that the average person will need at least 47 hours of lessons and 22 hours of private practice before they pass their test. The cost of lessons varies according to area, with a national average of £24 per lesson. Get a quote for lessons in your area.

Hints for keeping your costs down

Book two-hour lessons

We recommend two-hour lessons as you'll have time to recap what you previously learned, then learn new stuff and put it into practice within one session. This is a very effective way to learn and should help to cut down the overall number of lessons you need.


Book 12 or more lessons at a time and receive a discount of £2 per hour. See the terms and conditions.

Make learning to drive a priority

Study your road code in your spare time, mentally go over previous lessons, practise driving at every opportunity – even if it's just backing the car out of the garage in the morning – and you'll find that you really maximise the value of your time spent with a professional instructor.

Try not to let nerves get to you

Many learner drivers are held back by lack of confidence. Trust your instructor, and don't worry when you make mistakes at first – it's all part of learning.

Get great discounts

As an AA pupil you can take advantage of free AA breakdown cover.

Average AA lesson price: £24
Average no. lessons to pass test: 47+ (national average taken from DSA)
Block-booking savings of £2 per hour: £90
Cost of tests (theory and practical): £31; £62 (weekdays) or
£75 (evenings/Saturday)
Cost of tests in Northern Ireland: (theory and practical) £30; £45.50

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