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BA strike action and Flyglobespan collapse

17 December 2009

The following is the position of AA Travel Insurance in respect of the British Airways strike threat and collapse of Scottish operator Flyglobespan. Customers of the latter may be covered for financial failure as this is included in all AA travel insurance policies issued since 4th July 2009.

British Airways strike action

Strike action has for now been averted following a high court ruling.

For customers who have yet to book their travel or holiday insurance, cover in respect of the strikes will not apply. Travel insurance is designed to cover unforeseen events and circumstances that you cannot reasonably expect – so insurance cannot be expected to cover a strike that has already been announced or expected to take place.


For policies already in place claims will be met according to the terms and conditions and policy wording.

AA Travel Insurance will not deal unreasonably with customers who have already purchased their single trip cover or have an annual policy and are affected by the strike action.

Advice to customers:

  • Talk to the airline and/or travel agent first – they can advise on potential delays
  • Travel delay benefit will apply for all policies purchased before the strike action was announced
  • Missed departure claims could arise if customers are changing flights overseas and such claims will be considered as and when they arise
  • For customers delayed over 12 hours at their departure point, trip abandonment claims could be met according to policy terms and conditions which includes written evidence from the airport of the delay1

An important but:

For policies sold after the strike action was announced on 14th December delayed departure or missed departure claims will not be covered because customers will have been aware of the likelihood of such strikes (some insurers are not covering claims on policies sold before 2 November).

The strikes may yet be averted and further comment may be made if and when they are confirmed to be going ahead.

Flyglobespan collapse

AA Travel Insurance has every sympathy with customers who find themselves unable to travel because of the collapse of this Scottish carrier, and for those who are stranded away from home and whose flight has been cancelled.

For customers who booked a package holiday through a travel agent, in most cases their loss will be covered by ATOL or other similar arrangements. However, customers who built their holiday by booking individual components such as flight, car hire, hotel and so forth, may not be covered.

For all policies bought on 4th July onwards, AA Travel Insurance now automatically includes financial failure holiday protection, providing cover against the insolvency of any travel or accommodation supplier up to a maximum of £5,000 per person and where ATOL or other cover doesn't apply. It is one of very few travel insurers that include this cover.

Customers should:

  • In the first instance talk to their travel agent and / or Flyglobespan representatives to find out what options there are for alternative flights
  • Pursue statutory options through the airline's governing body, i.e. ATOL to obtain compensation for their loss
  • Customers may be covered if they purchased their flight with a credit card and will need to contact their card issuer
  • Keep documentary evidence at every stage, including details of who you speak to and when, to simplify making a claim
  • If there is no cover in place that protects your holiday, make a claim through your AA travel insurance policy. Financial failure protection is managed through International Passenger Protection Ltd. All single trip and annual multi-trip policies bought after 4th July 20092 include financial failure protection. For full information visit www.AAtravelinsurance.com or call +44 (0)20 8776 3752 for additional advice.

AA Travel Insurance has every sympathy for customers caught up in both situations and are ready to promptly consider claims that fall within the scope of their policy.

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17 December 2009

1Full policy terms and conditions can be provided on request

2Policies bought before this date do not include financial failure protection. Further policy information on request