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Dealing with pressure

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One of the more stressful parts of being a new driver is the warnings your family will throw your way as you leave the house before each journey.

From cautions about speeding to advice about limiting passengers, you could well find that far from having more freedom as a fully fledged driver, the issue of driving becomes a battlefield.

Here's how to deal with it.

Understand why they want you to be careful

Photo: parent and child in car Six out of ten parents say safety is their top concern for their kids. They are worried not because you're a bad driver, but because with 207,000 injury accidents and 4.24 million insurance (including fire and theft) claims each year, they have reason to be worried.1

Don't give them something to worry about

Getting speeding tickets, staying out too late, and driving with a posse of friends in the car will not encourage your parents to trust you. If you want them to relax, prove they shouldn't worry as much by sticking to agreed rules.

Try not to be defensive

Accept the facts: it's their job to worry about you. It's perfectly normal for them to be nervous when you first get your licence. The best way to deal with it is to take it easy – so when your mum's clinging to the dashboard and telling you to slow down, then just slow down and be cool about it – even if YOU don't think you were going too fast.

If you start yelling like a child, then your parents are going to treat you like one. Showing them respect, following their rules, and driving safely is the way to prove to them that you're mature enough to be behind the wheel.

Show them they have nothing to fear

Drive them around as much as possible so they can see that you're a trustworthy and sensible driver and deserve to have a licence.

1 The AA Motoring Trust

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