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About the course

Join franchised Driving Instructor Jenna Williams for live daily sessions

Kicking off at 12pm Monday 18 May, and running every weekday, our sessions are primed to accelerate your learning. We’ve split the theory and hazard perception topics into bite-sized chunks, running 19 sessions, each covering a different element.

In each 60-minute session Jenna will guide you through the topic, introducing the subject of the day, then working through practice questions. Users select answers using an anonymous voting tool, so it doesn’t matter if you get it wrong or right. Jenna will then identify any knowledge gaps and explain the correct answer.

The session ends with a question and answer section, allowing you to ask any burning questions. At any point during the session, participants can ask a chat-based question.

Theory test sessions:

18 May  -  Introduction to the theory test & alertness
19 May  -  Driving documents explained 
20 May  -  Incidents, accidents & emergencies on the road
21 May  -  Dealing with other road users and larger vehicles
22 May  -  Rules of the road, legal requirements & best practice
26 May  -  Stopping distances, road systems and conditions
27 May  -  Vehicle loading, fuel consumption and driving with passengers
28 May  -  Driving behaviours, attitudes and dealing with emergency services
29 May  -  Hazard awareness whilst driving
1 June   -  Motorway rules 
2 June   -  Road traffic signs 
3 June    Safety and your vehicle
4 June   -  Vehicle handling 
5 June   -  Vulnerable road users
8 June   -  Practice paper 
9 June   -  Mock test

Hazard perception sessions:

10 June  -  Introduction to the hazard perception test
11 June  -  Practice video
12 June  -  Mock test

About the trainer

Jenna Williams – franchised driving instructor

Jenna has been a highly successful fully qualified driving instructor for over 3 years and has taught hundreds of pupils with an impressive pass rate of 78%.

Jenna discovered a passion in teaching, enjoying the satisfaction and reward gained from supporting learners to reach their goals.

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