Volvo looks to improve road safety

Swedish automobile manufacturer Volvo is to show off its latest leaps forward in the quest to improve safety on the roads.

The company is championing three concepts – Vehicle to Vehicle Communication, Collision Avoidance by Auto Steering and Auto Brake for pedestrians – as part of this.

All three represent new technology which can interpret dangerous situations and respond accordingly.

Company spokesperson Jonas Ekmark commented that the challenges of pioneering such a system are finding out which areas are "most urgent and effective".

"With communication between vehicles, and between vehicles and the traffic environment, a large number of today’s accidents could be avoided," he said.

Meanwhile, reports that the company has taken to recalling some 49,500 vehicles from around the world after a problem was discovered in the diesel filters of C30, V50 and S40 cars with 1.6-litre engines.

"After a certain time of driving, the filter becomes full more quickly than we had estimated," said spokesperson Maria Bohlin.


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