Volvo gets involved with global climate change initiative

The Volvo group has announced that it is one of 85 companies and organisations from around the world to sign a post-Kyoto framework for clean energy and climate change action.

Over 100 high-level stakeholders and institutions from across the world are coming together for the initiative.

Its aim is to discuss and explore scientific, technological and economic issues in relation to climate change with the ultimate goal of shaping public policies with environmental issues in mind.

A statement was signed by Volvo and the other organisations involved in the project, calling on governments to set emissions targets that are scientifically informed.

Leif Johansson, CEO of Volvo, said this initiative is representative of the direction in which the company wants to be travelling.

"If we are to be able to address the greenhouse effect, we in the transport industry in particular face major challenges," Mr Johansson added. "We know that we are part of the problem, but we are also convinced that we are part of the solution."

Volvo claims that environmental care has been one of its core values since the early 1970s and said that it is currently investing in developing technology to help reduce carbon emissions from automobiles.


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