Volvo S80 ‘gives best grip on the road’

Motorists who pick up the new all-wheel drive Volvo S80 will gain a vehicle with the best possible road grip, the automobile manufacturer has claimed.

The Swedish company states that the model’s "impressive stability, consistency and safety" in every highways scenario makes it a winner at this time of year.

It adds that the S80 also has an "advanced body structure" which allows for rigidity and safety in the event of a crash.

Furthermore, the firm has revealed that those who pick up the car will be able to receive a comprehensive check from authorised Volvo dealerships across the UK.

"Volvo technicians will take the car through a 25-point check using the latest equipment and technology, checking everything from engine oil and coolant levels to inspecting the steering, suspension and shock absorbers," commented the company.

In 2006, Volvo announced revenue of 258 billion SEK (£7.94 billion).


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