VW gives Tiguan “extreme test”

The new Volkswagen Tiguan prototype will complete its trial phase with an "extreme test" in Namibia.

Primary focus of the testing will be the SUV’s chassis – as the vehicle will have to navigate uneven desert terrain – and its electronic components.

Volkswagen will be looking for the Tiguan to demonstrate that it can offer steady control and an "unusually low" roll angle. Testers will also be considering how driving characteristics and ride comfort interact in the hard conditions of the Namib Desert.

To give the driver as much control over the car as possible, a new electromechanical power steering system has been installed in the Tiguan prototype, delivering a "very precise" feeling behind the wheel and eliminating any jolts from offroad driving.

Other technical focuses of the trial will be the new radio and navigation system, which has a 30-gigabyte hard-drive, a park assist facility and an ‘offroad mode’, which can be activated at the press of a button and is designed to improve handling.

The new SUV’s engine variants will also be put to the test in Namibia, with all engine and body versions of the Tiguan expected to "swallow" the dust of the desert and still function effectively.


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