VW first to offer Tyre Safety Month support

The UK’s first nationwide campaign to raise awareness of tyre safety has received the backing of German automaker Volkswagen (VW).

Motorists can receive a free tyre pressure and safety check, no matter which vehicle they drive, by heading to a VW dealership during October.

"VW dealers join hundreds of tyre retailers and garages up and down the country supporting the TyreSafe initiative, designed to outline the dangers of driving with severely under-inflated and defective tyres," the firm commented.

TyreSafe’s research into the issue has found that nine out of ten drivers do not know their correct pressures, something which has seen them launch their own assessment service on their website.

In the US, VW has been forced to recall more than 300,000 cars.

The company has claimed that this action has been taken because their headlights do not meet federal safety standards.


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