Volkswagen Golf available under scrapping scheme


Motorists will also be able to purchase a Volkswagen Golf under the government’s vehicle scrappage scheme, after the manufacturer added its weight to the incentive.

Volkswagen has revealed that all vehicles from the fleet will be taking part in the scheme, meaning that a motorist can gain a £2,000 discount through scrapping their ten-year-old used cars.

The incentive begins in the UK on May 18th, with its aim being to increase the number of eco-friendly cars on the road, while also getting rid of older vehicles.

Through Volkswagen committing its entire model range to the scheme, a motorist using their discount will be able to buy a Volkswagen Golf from a manufacturer showroom for as little as £11,585.

Alternatively, motorists could opt for the highly-refined Volkswagen Polo, which can be purchased for £6,345.

The £2,000 discount consists of half of the figure being committed by the government, while the remainder will be given by the manufacturer.

According to Volkswagen, the latest Golf is the "safest, quietest, most luxurious and technically advanced" ever built.


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