Volkswagen ‘Europe’s top-selling brand’

The latest research from a top automotive intelligence body has found Volkswagen to be Europe’s most popular brand.

Jato Dynamics figures show that this comes despite the company selling fewer units in September 2007 than they did one year earlier.

Following the German automaker were Opal/Vauxhall, Ford and Peugeot, but it was Fiat who made the biggest gains this year.

The Spanish manufacturer sold 7.2 per cent more vehicles last month than it did in the same period one year earlier, the statistics show.

Its Fiat Punto model sold 27,811 units in September, less than the Ford Fiesta, Peugeot 207 and Volkswagen Golf.

Top of the heap was the Opal/Vauxhall Astra, Europe’s most popular car last month with 41,226 vehicles sold.

Figures reported by Reuters show that Volkswagen enjoyed its most successful September in terms of worldwide sales last month.

It stated that the firm’s volume of cars sold went up by 6.5 per cent.


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  1. Uhmm…FIAT’s Italian guys, not Spanish…(Fiat stands for “Fabbrica Italiana d’Autombili di Torino” … meanwhile any articles about those famous american cars, Toyota !? ;O)