New options packs available for VW Transporter buyers

Volkswagen has announced that buyers of Transporter vans with ’07 plates will be able to benefit from extra value as well as extra equipment as two new options packs are launched.

The first kit, the S pack, will include an alarm, which alone would cost £115, a full-height bulkhead worth £135 and an electric setup including internal central locking control, adjustable wing mirrors and electric windows.

At a cost of £460, this package represents a 15 per cent overall saving on purchasing these items separately.

The SE kit will include all items in the S pack as well as manual air conditioning and a driver’s comfort seat with an armrest.

Both packages are available in combination with any colour, wheelbase, gross vehicle weight, roof height or engine and are also expected to boost the value of the Transporter van.

According to Volkswagen, CAP Monitor has predicted that the S pack will add £150 to the value of a second-hand vehicle and the SE kit will boost the model’s residual value by £500.


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