Volkswagen Polo comes second in ASA complaints

Many people were not particularly fond of the latest television advertisement for the Volkswagen Polo, it has been revealed.

The Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) has revealed the most complained about adverts from 2008, with the Polo offering in second spot.

Some 743 complaints were received for the advert, although the ASA opted not to investigate into any of the criticisms.

The advert in question shows a dog singing when in the front seat of the car and then cowing when it is outside of the Polo.

Among the complaints made by viewers was that the advert breached the Highway Code as the dog was travelling in the Polo’s front seat, while others believed animal cruelty may have taken place.

However, the ASA revealed that the makers of the advert had stated that a vet was on set at all times to ensure the trained animal was not mistreated.

An advert from Barnardo’s was found to be the most controversial, with 840 complaints being registered.

According to Vauxhall, the Polo provides motorists with "a lot of car for a small price tag", while also being stylish and economical.


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