Volkswagen Polo a big sales improver across Europe

Smaller cars such as the Volkswagen Polo are among those to make the biggest inroads into the European car market, new figures reveal.

The latest monthly analysis from JATO Dynamics has indicated that several small cars are now in the top ten for the number of vehicles sold across Europe during March.

Two vehicles stood out in particular for witnessing a large increase in sales last month compared to March last year.

The Polo saw sales increase by 30.3 per cent, with 38,316 vehicles sold last month, while Fiat Panda sales improved by 62.2 per cent to 33,593.

David Di Girolamo, head of JATO Consult, said: "The Panda is a perfect example of a car that can benefit from today’s market conditions.

"It’s a very affordable car to buy new and has become more fashionable recently, cheap to run with low CO2 emissions and available with diesel."

According to Volkswagen, buyers of the Polo are getting " a lot of car for a small price tag".


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