The Volkswagen Polo could be a mini Golf

After being on the market for 34 years, the Volkswagen Polo has taken even greater strides with its new model, it has been stated.

Writing for the Sun, Phil Lanning suggests that the Polo Mk V is the "best ever", as it has taken on some of the characteristic looks of the Volkswagen Golf, while becoming more economical in the process.

Speaking of the appearance changes compared to the older Polo, Mr Lanning indicates that the car has gained a "strong-looking, almost square, wedgy nose and the sleek headlight arrangement from the Golf".

However, he adds that this is joined by "crisp lines, sporty deep front mesh grille and chunky wheel arches and rear lights".

Furthermore, on the inside buyers can profit from larger amounts of space, with 280 litres of room available with the seats up and 952 litres when they are dropped.

Overall, Mr Lanning refers to the vehicle as a "mini Volkswagen Golf", although he believes that this is still a "huge compliment".

According to Volkswagen, the Polo provides motorists with "a lot to feel confident about".


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