Passat uses self-sealing tyres

The new Passat from Volkswagen is using state-of-the-art self-sealing tyres from Continental.

The new tyres use technology called ContiSeal, which enables a vehicle to continue on its journey even if one of its tyres has been punctured by a screw or a nail.

A protective layer underneath the tread can seal holes and prevent any air from escaping.

"The seal works on nearly all leaks caused by objects up to 5mm in diameter" said Continental’s Detlef Zschorner. "That means they can prevent about 85 per cent of typical flat tyres."

VW is hoping the technology will appeal to motorists worried about the inconvenience of a puncture.

Objects on the road can easily damage tyres, which means a system like ContiSeal can be a major advantage, especially on long journeys.

It is also an important safety feature, as tyres blown while travelling at speed can cause serious accidents.


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