New mirrors for Volkswagen Passat

Motorists who buy a new Volkswagen Passat will witness that the vehicle features new indoor and outdoor mirrors from leading supplier Gentex Corporation.

Auto-dimming interior and exterior rearview mirrors will be a feature of the 2009 Passat CC, with indoor mirror being fitted as standard and the driver’s side outdoor mirror coming as an optional extra.

Among the benefits of the Gentex mirrors is that driving in the dark is made much safer thanks to the mirrors darkening automatically when bright headlights appear from vehicles travelling behind.

Gentex senior vice president Enoch Jen said: "This is an exciting vehicle for Volkswagen as it has positioned the Passat CC in the mid-class car segment but equips it with formerly upper mid-class features."

He added the deal is also promising for his company as the Passat is a sought after vehicle worldwide, meaning the products will become noticed by a potential new batch of customers.

Buyers of the Volkswagen Passat CC are given the choice from different types of interior upholstery including black Silversprint cloth and black Alcantara leather.


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