CC offers appearance improvement for used Volkswagen Passat drivers

Motorists unimpressed with the look of their used Volkswagen Passat may wish to take a glance towards the CC version of the range, which is blessed with a better appearance, it has been stated.

Writing for the Los Angeles Times, Dan Neil comments that some of the changes made to the original Passat provide the 2009 Volkswagen Passat CC with improvements in terms of looks.

Among the changes made to the four-door vehicle include the car being both lower and longer, while also shrinking in the back so that it "accommodates only two butts, not three".

In terms of the size, the CC is 2.2 inches lower than the original Passat, while also being 1.2 inches longer.

Further notes made on the vehicle by Mr Neil highlights that it has a "gently bowed roof line", a "sleek" windshield and "frameless side windows".

Overall, Mr Neil states that the vehicle is "not a bad car", which is quick and stays "well-planted" in corners.

Tony Dron wrote in the Telegraph last year that the older CC had "stylish looks".


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